What You Say is What You Get: Your Words Matter


We can learn a lot about ourselves just by listening to the things that we say. What we’ve been thinking about eventually comes out of our mouth. In a way, our words predict our own future, as what we say is what we get. Loudly forecasting a stressful day ensures that we’ll get one. Excitedly […]

Facebook Graph Search Now Lets You Search Comments


Beginning this week, Facebook is giving a select group of users the capability to perform more in-depth searches. Previously, Facebook Graph Search only allowed for searches of photos, people, places and interests. Besides allowing searches of public and friends’ comments, the new Graph Search functionality allows for searches of check-ins, photos captions and status updates. […]

How to Love Your Life (and Work) NOW Rather Than Later


Do you look forward to the day when you’ll love your life and work? You just know that you’ll be happier when certain things change and you reach a particular income level. Boy, that day will be great, won’t it? But wait—what about NOW, in the meantime, today, this week? Deep down you know that […]

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads


If you’ve been using social media for your business, but are frustrated with the lack of solid business results you’re seeing, this article is for you. One of the key goals of any social media strategy is to generate leads. Attracting quality prospects is paramount, and social media is, hands down, one of the best […]

How to Conquer Fear and Overcome Doubt In Your Business


If you’re waiting for the day when you no longer have doubts and fears about your business, let me save you some time. That day won’t come. In fact, feeling self-doubt and fear is a pretty good indicator that you’re on the right path. That doesn’t mean that you let fear and doubt take over […]