Preventing Cyber Bullying: The Number 1 Thing Parents Can Do


One of my favorite things to talk about is the good that social media can do. Whether it’s raising awareness about important issues, helping small business owners change their lives, or helping people make new connections they never would have made otherwise, it’s a tool that has transformed our world for the better. For many […]

How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Supercharge Your Marketing


Pinterest has just reconfirmed their commitment to business users by launching Pinterest Analytics.  Now – I know that analytical tools are everyone’s least favorite part of online marketing, but this is something you really want to get excited about, believe me! <grin!> Seriously, I can’t wait to get into this, and I wanted to be […]

5 Signs Your Online Press Release Stinks


Here’s the scenario we dream about… After writing a sizzling press release that fires on all cylinders, you hit the “submit” button to publish it online. The first few calls from excited editors arrive within an hour. By the following day, reporters from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Newsweek have gotten in touch. And […]

What is LinkedIn Used For?


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to attract endless streams of customers ready to buy their product or service for what seems like an outrageous price. And your business finds itself attracting a different set of prospects – those who want what you have – but only if you’re giving it away, and […]

We Have a Pope – and a Twitter Account Too!


First there was the smoke, ambiguous wisps at first, then voluminous clouds of clearly white smoke billowing out of the specially installed chimney on the roof of St. Peter’s. Then there was the roar of the crowds as they were introduced to the refreshingly unexpected choice of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal of Argentina, with the […]