15 Tips to Get and KEEP More Twitter Followers


When it comes to Twitter, I don’t think I have met anyone who does not want to get more quality followers. There are some who claim that quality matters over quantity, but honestly – that’s just not true. (And the people who make that claim tend to have a smaller number of followers…just sayin’!) It’s […]

Be Careful What You Borrow: Stop Worry and Stress

Be Careful What You Borrow: Stop Worry and Stress

Worry and stress seem inevitable, but it’s possible to loosen their hold. We tend to borrow trouble from the future like we borrow books from the library, and we don’t even realize the cost. And speaking of books, the public library is something you take for granted, until you don’t have one. We once lived […]

4 Tips To Optimize Your Content For Google


Search engine optimization is all about getting your site to the top of the search engines for your target keywords. Several tactics are used to do this, some that take place on your site and others that take place off-site. By putting these measures into place, your site (hopefully) rises in the SERPs (search engine […]

Top 7 Tips for Getting More Comments on Facebook


Do you have all the Facebook comments and likes you could stand? Somehow I’m guessing you just said no. Not having engagement on your page puts you in good company…sort of, anyway. ! It’s not uncommon for businesses to struggle with getting the kind of engagement on Facebook that they would like. But – I’m […]

How to Use Twitter Ads to Grow Your Business


“Can Twitter Ads really help me grow my business?” If you caught Twitter’s announcement at the end of April that they’re opening up advertising to all users now, not just select business accounts, you might find yourself wondering the same thing. I have to tell you how EXCITED I am to see Twitter making this […]

Are Trackbacks In Your Visibility Toolkit?


I often recommend that you use every tool at your disposal to help your online marketing efforts. When you’re trying to gain more website traffic, more sales, or more subscribers, knowing where your traffic is coming from is crucial (as is knowing where you want your traffic to come from!) There is a new tool […]

6 Ways To Get Your Content To Spread Like Wildfire on Social Media


Content marketing is about attracting people who are interested in what you’re selling, and giving them information they need or want. By creating top-notch material, you can convert prospects into customers, and customers into fans. These days, that’s how successful businesses are gaining traction. But what if no one sees your content? What if you’re […]

5 Ways To Write Super Sticky Content

5 Ways To Write Super Sticky Content

If you are creating content as part of your online marketing campaign, then your ultimate goal should be to create “sticky content.” What exactly IS sticky content? Basically, sticky content is the type of content that is so GOOD that it brings readers back and back again. It “sticks” in their minds and they remember […]

Success Tips: No More Blame Game


Anybody who has been around kids for very long knows that the Blame Game is alive and well. “It’s not my fault!” “It wasn’t me, it was him!” Or “I couldn’t, because (fill in the blank).” Wait a minute–that sounds like some adults in business. Avoiding responsibility for a situation comes naturally, but it really […]