Focus: Your New Social Media Superpower!


Sky High is a fun family movie about teenagers whose parents are superheroes. As the teens come of age, they anxiously wait to “power up” and discover what their superpower is. Fortunately you don’t have to go through puberty again to gain a new power that can supercharge your life and Social Media presence. Focus […]

The Power of Saying Yes to Yourself

The Power Of Saying Yes To Yourself

“Just say no” is common advice for getting control of your time, but have you ever thought about how often you say “no” to yourself? If you’ve been last on the to-do list one time too many, you need these tips to experience the power of saying yes to yourself: Say YES to caring for […]

9 Social Media Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs


I am an entrepreneur and I have made more than my share of mistakes. One thing I try to do is never make the same mistake twice. I have heard that advice from several successful entrepreneurs and take it from me, it is great advice! Taking it one step further…mistakes can actually be a good […]

7 Powerful Stress Busters for Busy People


It sneaks up on you. An event here, a project there. Sick kids and a messy house. You forgot to make a deposit and now you’re overdrawn. Before you know it, stress has reared its ugly head and overwhelm is creeping in. If you feel yourself going there, try these powerful stress busters to slash […]