How to Use Facebook Graph Search for Business

How To Use Graph Search For Business

No doubt you’re familiar with Facebook graph search, and have maybe even played around with it (try typing in ‘friends who like monopoly’ next time you’re in need of a board game fix). But are you using graph search for your business? Do you even know where to start? Wondering what all the buzz is […]

Facebook Changes Contest Rules

Facebook Contest Changes

One of my pet peeves about Facebook is the fact that they have all these rules and rarely enforce them. In all fairness to them, they do have over 1 BILLION users so I can imagine that they are a little understaffed to handle that many people! There are two rule sets that I felt […]

Extreme Mindset Makeover: How to Remodel Your Thoughts


It’s amazing what new paint and carpet will do for a room. Add custom cabinets and new windows, and you’ve got a complete remodel. In the same way, just a few tweaks to how you think can brighten your life and help you succeed. If you’ve been struggling with discouragement and doubt, you may be […]

9 Reasons You Need To Be Using Google+ NOW!

9 Reasons

If you’re promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter, do you really need to be on Google+? Absolutely! 

With more than 350 million active users, Google+ recently edged out Twitter as the world’s second largest social network. If that’s not a good enough reason to get onboard, here are nine more. 1. Google Pays More Attention […]

How To Grow Your Business Mindset

How to Grow Your Business Mindset

Whether it’s blogging, learning how to use Twitter or creating a website header, you may look at the skill of other people and sigh. At that point you can do one of two things: decide that you don’t have the talent to do something new, or decide to learn and get started. It depends upon […]

How To Write A “Sticky” LinkedIn Profile Summary

How To Write A “Sticky” LinkedIn Profile Summary

Imagine waking up in the morning and picking up the newspaper… On the front page, you see your name in big bold letters. The headline says that you have just inherited the fortune of a billionaire who had passed away the night before, and the full details on why, as well as how you would […]

Twitter “Business Killers” To Avoid

Twitter Business Killers To Avoid

Anyone who has followed me for anytime at all on social media has heard me say this more than once –  I love Twitter! Sure it is noisy. Yes, it is has quite a few spammers and bots and “push” marketers. I will concede that point, but just about everything good that has happened to […]

Less is More: Set Limits to Get More Done


Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking about how they are going to free up your time to make sure you get your stuff done. It is up to you to create the boundaries that allow you to accomplish what you want to do. This is one situation where less is more. You set limits […]