Between Business and Family: Living Your Priorities


Ask someone why they have an online business and they’re likely to flutter their eyelashes, look down modestly and say “Well, you know, my family is important and this allows me to spend more time with them.” Ask them about their dream and they’ll sigh and say “a six-figure business.” It’s possible to have both, […]

How to Launch a Successful Facebook Contest

facebook contest

Do Facebook contests really work? The answer is — yes. People love to win things! Contests need to be done the right way, though. Facebook has rules about contests that many people don’t know about — and running a contest that doesn’t comply with Facebook’s rules could get you banned. If you are convinced that […]

Why Community Is Important In Social Media


Have you ever noticed how certain fan pages, groups, tweeps, Pinterest boards or pages on Google+ always seem to have a buzz about them? These pages always seem to have a wealth of followers commenting, sharing, talking to each other, asking questions and posting successes.  While on other pages, the energy feels dead, like a […]

6 Ways to Instantly Blow Up Your Instagram


As of late February 2013, Instagram announced that it has over 100 million active monthly users. With this amount of potential exposure for your brand, it would be a shame to let such a great online photo-sharing and social networking site go to waste. But how do you get people to follow you? To engage […]