Three Secret Keys to Getting More Done In Your Business

Three Secret Keys to Getting More Done In Your Business

Keys that unlock secret doors seem to be the stuff of fairy tales and children’s stories. They can be the missing piece, the last step, in solving a mystery or opening the door to a new world. In our everyday, ordinary business world, there are keys that solve our problems and open the door to […]

How to Use Interest Lists to Find Content Ideas to Share

How To Use Facebook Interest Lists

If you have ever posted a Facebook page update and been less than thrilled with the how people respond to it, then this is the post for you. This is perhaps my #1 tip for consistently creating unique, thoughtful, compelling content that gets liked, shared and commented on. But before I dive into the specifics, […]

5 Rocking Hashtag Tools

5 Rocking Hashtag Tools

Hashtag: a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic. Source: Google If you haven’t yet ventured outside of Twitter’s simple interface for hashtag management and research, you’re missing out. Twitter is great for basic tweeting, however if you […]

Five Secrets to Build Your Self Confidence for Business Success


  Have you ever pondered the mystery of self confidence? Why does it seem so easy for some people to project confidence, while others struggle with insecurity? You might even catch yourself thinking “Oh, she’s so lucky—she’s confident. If I was that self-confident, I could succeed in business, too.”  The truth is, self confidence can […]

5 Ways to Get Traffic From Instagram


There is a good reason why you probably have not seen a post about using Instagram to generate website traffic, and it’s this: generally speaking, Instagram is far more about improving brand visibility and building a community than about driving traffic to your website as a general rule of thumb. Sure, one of the side […]

6 Quick Tips to Tune Up Your Mind for Business Success


Machines are wonderful things. Cars get us where we want to go, sewing machines stitch up a seam, and computers connect us to the world. The trouble is, machines don’t last forever. Without regular maintenance and an occasional tuneup, machines bog down and work less efficiently. If we don’t take time to make adjustments, they […]