How To Make Sharing Blog Photos on Pinterest Easy

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  Do you wish you could make it easier for your followers to pin your blog photos? Do you not like that “pin it” button underneath your post? Want to keep up with the latest trends in blogging? Then you need to get to know the new “Pin It” mouseover button. The things I love […]

9 Twitter “Fails” to Avoid


Twitter is an ideal medium for not only keeping in touch with customers and clients, but also building and maintaining relationships with businesses, market leaders and so on. However, if abused or used inappropriately, this resource can backfire and result in unfortunate consequences for your company. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind […]

Beautiful DIY Fan Pages With the Help of Heyo


Heyo Social is a Facebook marketing application that keeps gaining popularity. This product started out as Lujure, an app designed to help people create highly engaging Facebook Fan Pages simply and easily – without knowing how to code. Most of us don’t know how to code, right? Have I got your attention with just that […]

5 Ways To Brainstorm Great Content Marketing Ideas


As a content marketer, one of the biggest challenges you probably face is generating a constant stream of interesting material that engages people. You want your audience to look forward to reading or watching whatever you produce. You want them to be excited about your blog posts, videos, special reports, and eBooks to the point […]

How to Create Facebook Ads That Really Grow Your Business


Have you ventured into the world of Facebook advertising yet? If the answer is yes, have you experienced the kind of results you want, or have you decided you are just throwing away your money since you are not experiencing any real benefits? I think that Facebook Ads are one of the best kept secrets […]

15 Tips to Get and KEEP More Twitter Followers


When it comes to Twitter, I don’t think I have met anyone who does not want to get more quality followers. There are some who claim that quality matters over quantity, but honestly – that’s just not true. (And the people who make that claim tend to have a smaller number of followers…just sayin’!) It’s […]