Moms in Business: How to Keep the Home in Your Home Business

Never before has it been so easy for a Mom to start a business at home. With a laptop and a good internet connection, the world is at your fingertips. The low costs of a WordPress blog and Social Media give your business tremendous potential right from the start. With such exciting possibilities, it can be a challenge to keep the home in your home business.

We get so excited about comments on our blog and the cha-ching of our first information product sales that housekeeping dulls in comparison. It’s tempting to stay up late once again and skip a movie with the family so you can finish some training or work on your autoresponders. The laundry piles up and the cupboards are bare, but you got three new likes on your Facebook page!

Of course the family should pitch in and help, but that doesn’t mean you can throw them under the bus while you focus on your dream business. Here are some things to consider so that you can keep both your family and your business happy:

Know what you truly want. You may have a dream to make six figures, but I bet your dream doesn’t include a resentful spouse and children who never come see you after they leave home. Neither the money nor the wounded family happens overnight—they are both the results of choices and small, daily actions. Knowing where you want to end up ensures that you head in that direction.

Use household systems. A simple plan for meals besides the drive-thru window saves money and time. Chore lists and training for kids gives them the advantage of a work ethic and life skills. Keeping laundry manageable and moving along is reasonable and less stressful for your household.

Commit to the little things. Just because you have an online business now doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip family traditions and quit doing the special little things that kids remember. Candles and a tablecloth, celebrating minor holidays and creating new traditions to suit your family make your loved ones feel important and cared for. Keep it simple but don’t get so busy with your stuff that you forget the special touches.

Love your spouse, even if they don’t quite “get” your business. You might go through an adjustment period as you begin a business, especially if your husband has been the sole breadwinner for a long time. Keep talking. Take time off to have fun together. Have a regular love life. Ladies, that one thing could make the difference between a supportive husband and an angry one.

Communicate with your family. Explain what’s going on in your business. If you have a deadline or especially hectic week coming up, tell them. When you need help, ask for it. Don’t be a Martyr Mom who does it all and feels sorry for herself. Make a plan with your family, tell them the benefits and set up a reward. Don’t manipulate them by whining and guilting them into helping. They won’t respect you—or your business.

My personal decision as a Mom in business has been to limit the time I spend on my business during this season of my life. With five children still at home, and having graduated seven young adults, I know all too well how quickly these years will pass. It is my choice. My family doesn’t “get in the way.”

Be careful how you think about your family in regards to your business. Constantly feeling frustrated with interruptions from children and requests from your spouse creates aggravation towards them. If one of them was suddenly hospitalized with a serious condition, you’d get priorities straight in a hurry.

Yes, it’s possible to be a Mom in business and still have a thriving, happy home life. It takes planning and commitment to both your family and your business, but it can be the most rewarding, stretching, profitable thing you’ve ever done. Just be sure to keep the home in your home business!

Charlotte SiemsCharlotte Siems is a happy wife and mom of twelve who is a speaker, author and coach. After losing 100 pounds with T-Tapp, she became a Master T-Tapp Trainer, sharing her encouraging story with people all over the world. She has built a successful online business and writes about family life and T-Tapp at




  1. says

    Wow, Charlotte Siems, you really nailed it with that post on Moms in Biz.
    “We get so excited about comments on our blog and the cha-ching of our first information product sales that housekeeping dulls in comparison.” HA! I’ve been there, too many times I dare to recognize!
    I was dreading having a schedule and/or to-do list, until it was the only option before my hubby killed me with his looks…LOL

    I have to say, I don’t want the 6-figure business…at least not now. The time I spend with my daughter and my hubby is FAR more important.
    I sometimes feel like I should be further along, but at the same time, I know that RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MOMENT, I’m RIGHT where I need to be. I don’t want my daughter to recall her childhood having a mom glued to the computer and her iPhone, not playing with her or paying attention to her. THAT would break my heart.

    Baby steps..I’m in no hurry. THANK YOU for this post. :)

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Frances, it sounds like you know where you want to end up, and that will help so much with your decisions. You’re wise to look ahead and realize that you are making your daughter’s childhood memories right now! Blessings to you and your family (and your business)!

  2. Sheena White says

    A mom of 12?!?! That’s incredible! You make a great point with asking for help. It’s one of my weaknesses. You want to prove to everyone that you can do it all but the reality is sometimes we all need to be humble enough to ask for help. Thank you for the reminder. :)

  3. says

    Such wonderful, down-to-earth advice. I’m not a mom (well, if you don’t count my cat!) and all these tips can be adapted to my situation as well. Thanks, Charlotte!

  4. Katrina Moody says

    One of the easiest traps to fall into, forgetting the “home” in home business! My kids are the biggest reason I’m working from home and I still sometimes forget that

  5. says

    Excellent advice from a Mom who clearly is already organized enough to raise 12 children successfully! I’m sure you’re a systems expert by now!

  6. Atlanta Realtor says

    very helpful post women who want to make money staying at home. i really appreciate this. keep sharing.

  7. Mark says

    Hi Charlotte, I really love this blog of yours. It is very great! I will definitely show your success to my wife! This is really impressive. You really know how to keep your business at home. Thanks for posting this. You are such an inspiration. Keep it up. I will be following you!
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  8. says

    whew..a mum of 12..amazing!…Love this..Just had to leave a comment…great tips definitely for my mum…
    Cheers and keep it up!

  9. says

    Hello Kim, you’re meaningful notes are very inspiring for every mom!! I think nowadays women are very brave and they’re involving with business from home. It becomes possible due to technological development and social media networking upgrade, also I must say e-commerce platform totally made it easy for not only women but also for male who like to do business staying in home. I think through giving great attention on this article brilliant suggestions women will be motivated to improve their family condition from better to far better. Thanks.

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    Having business in your comfort zone is of great advantage, it is because you will be able to take care of your family as well. It is just a matter or time management, and a simply application of flexibility and for sure the rest will follow. When you have home business these just means that you have all the time in the world for your family, business for every thing, you just have to learn to manage it properly and organize things.

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