1. says

    Thank you for this great post. I need to set up a fan page and it sounds like a contest on FB would be something worth doing once i get rolling!

  2. Joyce M Washington says

    I haven't tried a contest yet… but this gives me the confidence to give it a shot.  Thanks Kim!

  3. says

    I appreciate how your posts are so very specific and rich with all kinds of tips – thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge so freely!

  4. says

    This is one of my favorites of your blog posts! I really appreciate the recommendations for apps, and then I really appreciated this humorous bit of advice:
    Have you ever heard of the 5-second rule as it relates to food? The basic idea is that you have 5 seconds to pick up any dropped food before it becomes too "dirty" to eat.   
    This same concept applies to your contest. You have 5 seconds to hook your audience.

  5. says

    Great Idea!!!! I am going to do this again soon and see how I can grow my new Fan page following quickly!  I'm sharing this with my friends and followers.

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    Thank you for all these great details about contest. Hum…i have to admit i did one contest once but did not follow all the rules. Ok next time I will follow them for sure. Thank you for all your great advices.

  7. Kimberly O'Neil says

    Always good to review the rules from time to time. I think the one that is often missed is not notifying the winner via facebook.  Thanks for the reminders.

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    wow, I am glad you informed us; imagine losing my page and all that work would be gone! Thanks Kim for the headsup! I printed it out so, I know where to go when I will host a contest on my facebook timeline!

  9. Mandy Edwards says

    Great tips. I see so many contests going on that are blatantly breaking the rules.   I will refer to this next time I do one :)

  10. Carol Giambri says

    Another great post. Now I am saving them all in a folder with your name.  Super tips always and this one too. Thanks for sharing.  You make things so simple too. I appreciate that!

  11. says

    Kim, great information on Facebook contests. I was shying away from them, because I heard of all the rules. You've simplified the process, and I think I will be adding this to my list for the near future!! Thanks!!!

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    Hi, great points.

    I have question though, In the beginning of the article you write,

    4. You are NOT allowed to notify the winner through Facebook.  This includes Facebook messaging, chats, or posts.

    then at the end,

    Lastly, be sure to announce the winner using all of your marketing platforms.  Too often, the winner is never announced or announced months later. Have a quick turn around and offer congratulations!
    So is it ok to announce a winner on your page?
    Thanks again!

  13. says

    Great information Kim!  We've been managing games (sweeps & contests) for many years, but the advent of social has changed the game, so to speak!  So much easier (and cost effective) to spread the word, but more rules and regulations than ever before.  One thing we always advise our clients to do when running a contest on Facebook, is to host the actual entry page on a separate, secure site.  So that when they click "enter now" for example, they are taking to a secure site to fill in their information, etc.  This keeps facebook clear, it safeguards the client, and ensures that the consumers' information is kept private, as well.  Speaking of games, here's an easy to read infograph that provides the necessary legal steps when running a sweeps and/or a contest (there are major differences!):

  14. Sam says

    Great article Kim- never really had an idea on how to properly run a FB contest up until now.

    Once a FB contest is created with an app such as Shortstack- what is the next step?

    Do you need to run an ad? If os what is the best way to do this?

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