15 Steps to Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Does creating or improving your LinkedIn Profile intimidate you?

Are you lost as to where to start?

Would you like a step-by-step guide on how to create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile?

Then you are in the right place. Here you will learn, step-by-step,  the top 15 enhancements to make to your LinkedIn Profile.  Watch your profile transform before your eyes; A masterpiece of perfection. 

Let’s start at the top –

#1 –   Your Name – Keep it Simple: Use your first and last name. This is not a place to put your business name, or your nickname, or what “everyone” is calling you.  Followers want to know that you are a genuine person, first and for most.

#2 – Your Headline – This is a HEADLINE! Therefore, putting your company name and your position is not enough, nor correct.  Rather, you want your headline to be attention grabbing! You want to build intrigue and excitement.  It is also a place where you want to include your top keyword phrase or two.

#3 – Your Photo – Needs to be a clear, smart headshot.  Whenever possible, have it professionally taken. This is NOT a place for avatars or full body shots.  The space is too small for the later and an avatar is not personal enough.  It feels like you’re hiding.



#4 – Your LinkedIn Status – Include LinkedIn in your daily social media posting.  Whether you use hootsuite,  socialoomph, do it manually yourself, or have an assistant post for you, include LinkedIn. You want to have fresh, new, relevant content on a daily basis for anyone visiting your profile.

#5 – Your Summary – In your summary section you want to accomplish two things.  First you want to include your top keyword phrases.  This is another important place to have them when optimizing your LinkedIn Profile for Google Search.

If you have an “About Me” section on your website, you may also include that link here, so that readers can click through to read more about what you do.  This gets visitors to your website in a very open and casual manner.

Second, you want to clearly describe your ideal client.  For example, you may include a section titled “Connect with me if…”.  Completing this outline of your ideal client is a great way to build a better understanding for yourself on who you want to work with and it sends a clear message to the world.  What are you co-manifesting?

#6 – You Specialties – At the bottom of your summary you will be asked to list out your specialties.  This is another important place to put your keyword phrases.

#7 – Your Experience – Here LinkedIn can start to read like a boring resume.  DON’T LET IT! If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, make sure that your current business is on top.  Then, looking back at your history, delete any positions that don’t relate to your current business.   It’s not that you didn’t do them, or are ashamed of them; it’s simply that confused minds don’t buy.

 For example, if you have 10 years’ experience as a ballet dancer, but you are now a raw food specialist, leave out the ballet dancing.   That is something fun a client can learn about you when you meet. On LinkedIn, it just becomes confusing…which is she, a ballet dancer or a raw food specialist??

Here again, infuse your current business position with your top keyword phrases!

#8 – Your Skills and Expertise – Make it Keyword Rich!

#9 – Additional Information: Websites – Under additional Information, you are allowed to share up to 3 different websites.  LinkedIn makes the title of the website a clickable link.  So, get creative and enticing!  Instead of sending them to your home page, send them to your opt-in page and title the link with the giveaway.  See the picture below for assistance.  

#10 – Additional Information: Interests – Include both keyword phrases and a few of your own personal, fun interests.

#11 – Additional Information: Groups & Associations – JOIN GROUPS! Join lots and lots of groups! The more groups you join the better because it improves your overall exposure on LinkedIn.

#12 – Additional Information: Honors & Awards – Use this for any media or conference awards you’ve received.  For example, did you have an article published?  Were you the keynote speaker at an event? Share those details here.

#13 – Contact You For… – Here, just as you did in your  “Summary Section” make a bullet point list of reasons why someone should get in contact with you.  You want to describe your IDEAL client. (This is not everyone.)  Also, put down a description of people or companies you’d like to have contact you, even if they never have in the past. Again, you can only manifest what you ask for!


#14 – Ask for Recommendations! – You can never have too many recommendations.   If you feel self-conscious about asking, then start by writing a couple of recommendations for other people.  This way you’ve also shared the love.   However, aren’t we all deserving? If we don’t ask for ourselves, who will?

#15 – Add Other Applications To your LinkedIn Profile – You can now add additional apps to your LinkedIn profile such as “The WordPress App”.  This is a great way to showcase your most recent blogs.  


  1. Olga Hermans says

    oh wow Kim, thank you so much for this list, so helpful. I have to check if I have all this in place. I am so looking forward to hearing more about all the platforms in Social Boom conference in Tampa! can't wait!!

  2. says

    Thank you Kim. I have read a lot of posts and articles about fixing up a LinkedIn profile, and this is the clearest explanation that I have read. I can actually do this.  :-)

  3. says

    All great info. With LinkedIn Apps going away, what types of media do you find the easiest and most effective for professionals to share on their profiles?

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