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To generate steady and predictable revenue, without trading time for money, you have to learn how to package up your knowledge and turn it into something people are willing to pay for.
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Creating a signature course takes time you don't have.
It could take months or even years to figure it all out.
You have good ideas, but struggle to get organized.
You don't have a clear plan to get 'er done.
You don't have a community to sell into.
You get easily overwhelmed with what to create & what you think goes into selling.
PDF to Profit has everything you need to create and sell your first mini digital product in 7 days or less at an "anyone can afford" price.

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Haii I’m Kim Garst, an online marketing strategist, best selling author and Forbes top 10 Social Media Power Influencer who’s learned it the hard way, so that you don’t have to!
I’ve been where you are and it’s tough trying to figure out what and how to sell, just so that you can take care of what matters most to you.
I’ve spent thousands of dollars (and hours) to discover how to create a profitable mini digital product. And the best part…I’ve documented my entire blueprint so that you can create your own mini digital products.
I’ve learned from the very best and helped thousands of business owners, just like you, make more money in their business.
I want to show you how you can package your insanely valuable knowledge and sell it to others. Let’s do this together!

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Here's what other business owners
Are Saying About PDF to Profit

As a creative and a person who understands the psychology of people, I always have tons of ideas, but little marketing expertise to bring them to fruition. Many times I would flail around trying to start but get overwhelmed and never finish things. Enter Kim Garst... The program PDF to Profit grabbed me, focused me, let my creativity flow, and resulted in a solid product. Kim took me step by step through the process of landing on my idea, researching it, sculpting it into an offer and making it saleable. I realized the first day that Kim was a powerhouse and her program would deliver all it promised and more. Her live presentation gave a ton of useful information, with no holding back to upsell me to something else. In one week, I decided on, researched, intelligently named, and fashioned an elegant offer that I am proud of, and better yet I believe will sell well and help many people. I’m on top of the world and can’t wait to move on to the next steps of the sales process.

Kim Leatherdale

I’m very pleased that I took the course, as I have learned a lot and my eBook is a lot closer to being finished. I had been stuck and had abandoned it. So PDF to Profit has helped hugely. There was a lot of value for the cost, and I appreciate the low price at a time when so many of us are suffering the financial effects of Covid19.

Jackie Garner

Here's what you'll learn
Inside PDF to Profit
PDF to Profit - “Name It” Formula
You will learn a simple system on how to do a little sleuthing to make sure your ideal customer WANTS your offer BEFORE you spend time creating it!
AND you will discover a simple, step-by-step formula that (when followed) can make naming your mini digital product a breeze!
VALUE: $97
VALUE: $97
The “Irresistible Mini Offer”
Package Formula
My exact system for breaking down what your offer includes and how to “package” it for increased value.
“Creating Your Offer” Toolkit
You will discover my exact tools and resources to create your mini product offer, quickly and easily.
YASSS, I will share my little known secret on how to create those snazzy, fill in the blank PDF templates that go into many offers these days!
VALUE: $97
VALUE: $97
“Make Your Offer Pretty”
Tips & Tricks
I will show you how I create ALL my irresistible mini digital products…using totally free TOOLS.
4 Step “Social Media Selling Blueprint”
You will learn how you can create profit-boosting social media posts for your products or services.
VALUE: $97
Plus, I’m going to throw in some
super sweet bonuses completely free
VALUE: $97
Pick Your Name Worksheet
You will learn a simple system on how to do a little sleuthing to make sure your ideal customer WANTS your offer BEFORE you spend time creating it! AND you will discover a simple, step-by-step formula that (when followed) can make naming your mini offer a breeze!
How to Make a PDF Editable
I walk you through, step by step, how to make your PDF’s “fill-out-able”.
VALUE: $97
A private Facebook Group
This training will be delivered LIVE inside of a private, members-only Facebook group. You'll get access to all workshop resources as well as the links for the daily LIVE training inside the group.
to sum it all up you get all these stuff
if you register now!
PDF To Profit Training

VALUE $697

The “Irresistible Mini Offer” Package Formula


“Creating Your Offer” Toolkit


“Make Your Offer Pretty”
Tips & Tricks


4 Step “Social Media
Selling Blueprint”


Pick Your Name Worksheet


How to Make a PDF Editable




that is a TOTAL VALUE OF
only $ 697

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