Build A Profitable List and Create Sales Anytime You Want
I Want to Grow My Email List Daily
and Produce Sales Over and Over Again!
You’ve heard the saying'
“the MONEY is the list”, right?
Right about now, you are going...yeah, yeah...I have heard that already. I can see the eye roll from herel!
It’s kind of like all that stuff our parents used to tell us that we didn’t wanna hear, so we let it go in one ear and out the other UNTIL one day we realized they weren’t as crazy as we thought they were...we actually had to acknowledge they knew what they were talking about!
I hope that TODAY is the day that you let this message REALLY sink in…
...because, trust me when I say this, the MONEY IS IN THE LIST...
...but, I’m not going to shine you on with the promise of a goldmine on the other end of the list rainbow...I’m gonna tell ya the truth!
The money is in the list IF you are serious about serving those that raise their hand and say, yep, I wanna be on your list.
Think about it for a second...if you walk into a store and a sales associate immediately rushes up to you (like that has never happened, right?!) and starts to pressure you to BUY.
How do you feel at that moment?
Doing business online is no different. If you want to make money online, you have to...first, attract the right people and THEN work to build a relationship with them.
What would you do if this same sales person spent time chatting with you, ASKING you questions and SOLVING your problems? You’d feel a lot different about them, at that point, right? You would start to like them, trust them and be more likely to buy from that person.
Am I right, or am I right?!
It’s the same online.
Attract the right people, serve them and THEN the money follows.

I have owned an online business for almost 30 years (yikes that sounds like a LOOONGGG time!) and trust me when I say…I was definitely a slow learner when it came to hearing the “money is in the list” message

When I pivoted my business to social media, I focused most of my energy building my “community” on someone else’s land…aka Facebook, Twitter, etc. That may be YOU! 

I did the whole “freebie” thing and hoped someone would bump into it! I had absolutely no intention around building my list at all. OH, how I wish I could go back in time and start building my list sooner.

In 2015, I joined a high end mastermind. When I say high end…there were 7 and even 8 figure business owners in the room and everyone was talking about their “list size” like it was a measuring stick. Some had lists that were in the millions. 

I shrunk down in my seat and wanted to slide under the table. My list was practically nonexistent in comparison and I had been building that list for over 5 years! Well, when I say I had been building a list…that’s kinda funny because I wasn’t really list building at all. I had no strategies to grow my list. I was operating on a wish and a hope strategy…wishing that my list would grow and hoping someone would opt-in. 

Well, I think we both know that wishing for something doesn’t make it a reality.

At that moment, I knew if I wanted to stop trading time for money and really have a business that could sustain itself, year after year, I needed to GET SERIOUS about building my list. 

Over the course of the next year, I tripled my list size with some simple strategies. Today, I focus on growing my list EVERY day! It’s a core part of my business strategy. 

I’m here to tell ya, that when you shift your mindset from randomly thinking about list building to intentionally focusing on it, magic happens!
When you have a list of ANY size (it doesn’t take millions or even thousands of subscribers, it just takes an engaged list of the RIGHT people), you have an asset that enables you to generate money at any time.
Finally, you can make more money with less effort and STOP trading time for money for good!
Imagine having a business asset that would allow you to put out an offer and create sales any time you want. Sounds good, right? Guess what...YOU CAN HAVE THIS!
This is Why I have Created
My proven blueprint that will help
you not only build a list but
monetize it.
Establish the foundation for growing your list each and every day. By the time you are finished with Phase 1, you will know who you serve and how you can support them.
Attract the right people to you with tried and tested strategies. Not only will you learn the strategies behind list building, but you’ll learn how to implement them. You will never get stuck on HOW to get people on your list ever again.
Capture your ideal clients with a kick booty, high-converting landing page. It does no good to have strategies in place if you can’t convert them when they get there. By the time you finish with Phase 3, you will have a high converting landing page.
Nurture your new subscribers. We will focus on what happens after people are on your list. You will learn how to nurture your new subscribers, love them up, and provide value to them consistentlyYou will discover how to create a plan that makes this process super easy to follow!
Put your first or next offer out with confidence. This is where the fun begins! It’s time to put an offer out to your list and make some money! You will learn how to put your first or next offer out with confidence, even if you have never written a sales email in your life!
and, the best part?
I am delivering this content
in a private Facebook group
and I will work WITH you to get ‘er done!
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How often can you say that you have the time and attention of an online instructor working WITH you?
My student, Jackie Garner had this to say..

”having Kim on hand to guide and answer questions made all the difference.”

Another student, Jeni Chaffer said...

“For years, I have been thinking of lists, courses, books that would help others. I would start and get sidetracked with life. This course is just what I needed to focus and follow through. After committing to the training, Kim directed me step by step through the process. By going through the process, I didn’t get sidetracked. Kim was always very involved in suggestions when I got stuck.”

Not only will you get my proven List Building to Profit Blueprint
Ah-may-zing Bonuses!
bonus one
Private Members-Only Facebook Group
This training will be delivered LIVE inside a private, members-only Facebook group. My team and I will be working hand in hand with you to ensure that you will be on your road to growing your list daily so that you can produce sales again and again.
bonus two
Personalized Feedback
We will be reviewing your irresistible offer, landing pages, and offering up personalized feedback.
bonus three
How to Quickly and Easily Build a High Converting Landing Page
I walk you step-by-step through how to create a high-converting landing page in just a few minutes, even if you aren’t uber techy!
bonus four
Done For You Landing Page Template
I’m going to give you a pre-designed done for you template so that all you have to do is edit the colors to match your branding and replace the text with details to fit your product or service. This bonus could save you tons of time!
bonus five
How to Build Your Email List
with Social Media Workbook
You’ll also get my awesome eBook called 20 Wicked Smart Ways to Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Subscribers. Get ready for even more ingenious ideas to build your list using social media!
bonus six
Over 700 Power Words To Double
Your Email Open Rates
Get access to my cheatsheet of over 700 power words that are designed to help you double your email open rates. This is an AH-MAY-ZING resource to have at your fingertips!
or 2 Monthly Payments of $275
New Payment Plan Just Added
Start Now for ONLY $175/month
Full PAY
Promotional Email Series Template
for a Paid Workshop
If you pay in full, you will also get access to my personal email series template that I use to promote my paid workshops.

If you know you need to build a list of engaged email subscribers, then NOW is the time to step up and commit to changing your business forever. I’m not just saying this to make a sale here. Getting serious about your list building is the first step to creating sales anytime you want.

If you have been trying to build your list forever and haven’t gotten very far, NOW is the time to say “no more” and put proven strategies in place to grow your list with intention.

If you have been confused and overwhelmed, then NOW is the time to kick your confusion and overwhelm to the curb. We will work WITH you to take the sting out of the tech overwhelm so that you can get up and running as fast as possible.

Can you IMAGINE, having a proven system in place that will allow you to build an engaged list of subscribers that can’t wait to hear from you?
Can you IMAGINE never having to worry about launching your next product or service because you didn’t know who would buy it?
Can you IMAGINE having a business asset you OWN versus relying on the social platforms and algorithms?
If you know this is for you, Click the Buy Button and I will see you inside the List Building to Profit group!
New Payment Plan Just Added
Start Now for ONLY $175/month
Frequently Asked Questions
The Live Training will happen inside a private, members-only Facebook Group and will start on Tuesday, July 7 at 11 am EST.
The training will start on Tuesday, July 7, and last approximately 14 days.
Definitely! You can immediately access all the bonuses inside the Members Area.
No login info yet? You should have received an email with all the deets.
As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email welcoming you to the training. Locate that email and simply click on the button inside that reads: JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP NOW.
Yes you can. All the LIVE training video replays will be transferred to the member’s area within 24-48 hours, so you can consume the content from there.
OF COURSE! All the live training video replays, worksheets, etc. will be transferred to the Member Area, so you have lifetime (business) access to this training.
Yes you can. All the LIVE training video replays will be transferred to the member’s area within 24-48 hours, so you can consume the content from there.
While the LIVE training will happen on schedule inside the FB Group, you can access the replays at any time after the LIVE is over.

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