How to Add Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Fan Page

Would you like your blogs to be posted to your Facebook fan page without having to lift a finger?

How about having your blog shared to your fan page AND your personal page without having to do a thing?

If you answered YES, then you are in luck!

Today, after following these simple steps, you too, will be able to sit back and watch your blogs magically appear on your fan page, and personal page, without touching a key.

What is the name of this magical app?…RSS Graffiti

What will RSS Graffiti do?

Autopost your blogs and articles to your fan page and personal page with the correct picture and a pre-set personalized message from you!

To install RSS Graffiti:

1.  Log into Facebook.   In the search box type in: RSS Graffiti. Then, click on the app when is shows up in the search window.


2.  Next, click to authorize the application. Note that below the blue "click here to authorize RSS Graffiti" button, there is a checklist outlining the next steps you will need to take.  See picture.


2RSS Graffiti.png




3. Lastly, be sure to allow permissions.


Congratulations, you’ve installed the RSS Graffiti App!

Now, you need to utilize this app to connect your blogs to your fan page.



Using RSS Graffiti to Autopost your Blogs and Articles:

1.  In your RSS Graffiti app, look at the grey, left-hand side bar and select the fanpage on which you would like to have blogs appear. It will show you all of your active fanpages.

2.  Next, click the blue button to authorize and allow permissions a final time.

3.  Now you can add your website's RSS Feed.  Remember, your website RSS Feed is simply your web address forward slash FEED.

            For Example: or see picture below:

5RSS Graffiti.png

4.  If you have multiple websites and want the blog posts from them all to show up on your fan page, then you can take advantage of that option here.  RSS Graffiti allows you to simply add more feeds.  You can have as many feeds attached to your fan page as you would like.

5.  Lastly, it is important to understand that RSS Graffiti will pull the first picture from your blog post as the thumbnail picture for your blog's Facebook post.  This is great because it means that your facebook post will include the proper picture (Instead of a randomly selected one from your site, which often happens to others, and may have happened to you in the past).

RSS Graffiti Bonus Tips

Tip 1 – From this drop down menu you can preview your blog posts to see what they will look like on your fan page. You can also personalize the look of your blog's facebook post here.

Tip 2  – Under the Basics tab, at the bottom you can choose the style of your posts.  You can choose from Standard, Compact or Status. To see what each style looks like, simple scroll back up to the preview window.

Tip 3 – Under the Filter tab, you specify a time span in minutes as to how long after publishing a blog it will appear on your Facebook page. Note: If you choose 0 minutes it may still take a few minutes for Facebook to register that you've published post and update your fan page.

 Tip 4 – Under the Transform tab, you can choose how you want the message text to appear.  You can also choose what kind of message you'd like to be included.

8RSS Graffiti.png


How to Have RSS Graffiti Post to your Personal Page as well?

Now that you have automated the release of your blog posts your fan page, you can automate them to your personal page as well.

To do this, click on your name and this can be found in the grey, left-side navigation bar. Once you have clicked on your name, choose the grey "EDIT" button next to the delete button.

Here again, you will find the drop down menu that includes: Basics, Filter, Transform, Schedule and More.

Under the basics tab, have some fun with the "source name."  For example, if you are a coach, you can say that the post is coming from Coach, (insert name here), instead of just your full name. Or, if you are a doctor, you can add the Dr. prefix to your name.

For additional tips, see the RSS Graffiti Tips section above.

TimeLine Bonus Tip!

Don't forget. Now that you have the new Timeline look on both your personal page and your fan page you can "star" your blog's Facebook post so that it grows to take up the full width of your page.  This will draw more attention to your blog post on your fan page or personal page.

Additionally, on your fan page you can "pin" the post.  This way the post about your latest blog will stay at the top of your fan page for 7 days!

Share below! What do you love most about the RSS Graffiti App?


  1. says

    I usually use Networked Blogs to do the same thing for the first time I post one to my pages… after that I do some manually, too. It's nice to know there are other options!

  2. Mandy Edwards says

    I had no idea about this!  If I am already using Facebook for WordPress, would I still need something like this?

  3. says

    Thanks for this great tutorial on how to add your blog to your facebook feed.  While I have been using networked blogs to add my content to tab on my site, I never considered using it to post.  I still have issues with some autoposted things lol.

  4. says

    I believe I'm already using another plugin to do the same thing.  I love the pictures illustrating doing it with this plug in, though.  If I wanted to uee that plug in, it would be very easy to follow.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    I post my articles as soon as I publish them.. It this a better way Kim? I would love to know!  I just click that button and send it everywhere as soon as I publish it!

  6. Danyelle Franciosa says

    Thanks for the information. I think this what we need. I was wondering yesterday on how to have a blog post on your facebook fan page because as all I can do is only to connect facebook into my blog. Glad to know about it and thanks a lot for sharing this!
    Look what Danyelle Franciosa just posted..brisbanebifolddoors.comMy Profile

  7. says

    INTERESTING!!!  Great detailed step-by-step walkthrough.  Yeah, currently, I don't have it synced up to publish like this.  I'm actually manually sharing it, but there is definitely value in setting up a process like this!

  8. says

    I've heard of this but am always nervous about things that autopost my blog somewhere.  (I have no idea why, this is an irrational fear I'm sure) Your article convinces me to give it a try.  I'm all for anything that works and saves me even 5 seconds!  Thanks for great information as always!
    Look what Jennifer just posted..Why Podcast: Is Anyone Still Listening?My Profile

  9. says

    thanks for your article. That is I was looking for.  Good site. I create content in my blog everyday and I did the work manually because some features of facebook are different now.

    Now my work will be automatic.  thank again for your help.

  10. Product Reviews says

    Great tutorial Kim! And good timing, I’m currently working on my FB business page. Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    Kim, just wondering do you know of anyway to do the opposite thing? i.e. Is there a way to to automatically post to a blog section of a website, articles that we actually share from FB fanpage timeline??? So FB Fan Timeline to Blog?

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