My Three Words for 2013

One of my favorite things as the Christmas season winds down and the New Year kicks into gear is the energy everyone has!  Isn't it amazing to listen to the sense of hope and excitement people have as they set resolutions and goals for themselves?  In the change of old into new, there are possibilities like never before and the vision is just contagious!

Everyone has their own approach to whether they set resolutions or not, or whether they call them something different or not.  Some people have struggled with resolutions in the past, and in the struggle, they've determined that it works better for them to call resolutions something different to avoid using the term 'resolutions'.

One approach I've come across is incredible and I want to share it with you.  Since 2006, writer Chris Brogan has challenged people to join him in his practice of choosing three words for the new year. 

These are three words to inspire – but in a broader way than a resolution might encourage. 

Not that there is anything wrong with a New Year's resolution, of course.  I'm all about people making goals for positive change! 

But sometimes you can get to a point where you either make too many resolutions in an effort to cover the whole year, or you don't make any. Perhaps you don't make them BIG enough! 

With the three words concept, you choose three words that help you focus your goals and efforts for the entire year.  In Chris's words, it gives him the ability to "apply lots of tangible goals…instead of a finite task"  As he says, it's part of an effort to tell bigger stories – the kinds of stories that give the overarching framework for your life.  If you tell bigger stories, you have a bigger vision.  If your vision is bigger, you set more amazing goals.  With more amazing goals, you naturally have to create bigger plans and milestones, which naturally, should get broken down into day to day tasks for your daily calendar.  And in so doing – your story continues to become bigger and more amazing day by day, month by month, and year by year. 

Pretty incredible – especially if you've just begun the journey of transforming your life into something more than just a day to day grind with a vision imposed by others, isn't it? <grin>

And as Chris says, pick words that reflect the positive of your intention – not the negative or something you are trying to eliminate.  It also helps if you can pick words that reflect the person you are becoming rather than the person you are today. 

It's not just about a goal – it's about an entire mindset to frame your year. 

I absolutely love this, and I am so ready to run this year with my three words!  

Here are my three – with some quick thoughts to go with.  This isn't an attempt to tell you everything these words mean to me, just a snapshot of some of the ways they're important to helping focus my goals this year.

  • Community – I'm passionate about authentic, engaged communities, and this continues to be a focus of mine.  Communities like my coaching groups and online mastermind communities, communities of people engaged with brands, and more. Communities that reflect CARE, CONCERN and SERVICE!
  • Systems –  One of the most enduring ways to improve a business is to improve its systems.  Each aspect of an organization's operations can be organized according to systems to make it more efficient for everyone involved.  (It's something I practice in my own business in addition to teaching my coaching clients).
  • Service – Stellar service is the mark of a company that endures, and this will continue to become more important than ever!  Legendary service is one of the criteria that sets one company apart from its competitors. It's the mark of a truly authentic company – you just can't fake caring! 

Do you know the overarching story that will guide you this year?  What are your three words?  I'd love to know yours – please share your 3 words in the comments below! I can't wait to hear what words are going to define your 2013!


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    It's funny that I chose three words for this year before I read your post or Chris Brogan's, Kim.  I like your words – very powerful. You do a fantastic job of community already!
    This year I'm keeping life: Simple, Authentic and Holistic.

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    Hi Kim! My words are focus, flow and planning. I love this idea, which I just learned of about a week ago. I'm running with it! Since setting my words 2 days ago, I've also decided my "life word" is LOVE. That's the value I want to live by!

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    Hi Kim,
    I love the simplicity and power of this. Been following you on Twitter, and I love the way you pack power in simple 140 character Tweets. Keep them coming!
    I'll have to give some thought to my 3 words. I love this focus. I think we'll all look back on this year as something special with this idea in mind. Thanks for sharing!
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    Though 2013 may have gone but I still found your post interesting and again we are just in another new year 2014, and that make it still relevant to me.
    As for choosing 3 words, though it may be hard for me somehow because I just listed enough of them in my diary but I need to make a summary of it now and say;
    1. Love
    2. Integrity
    3. Business
    This is how I can summarize mine.
    Thanks for sharing.
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