How to Create a Membership Program That Rocks

Training Overview

Are you tired of constantly having to find new customers or clients?

Or, do you have the opposite problem – running yourself ragged trying to keep up with your current roster of clients?

Either way, creating a membership program could be the right next step for your business.

If you’d like to leverage your service-based business skill set to earn passive income, then join me LIVE Tuesday and I’ll answer all your questions about creating a membership website, including:


– What is a membership site, exactly?

– Who should start a membership site?

– How do you know if your audience wants a membership site?

– What will you use to you accept payment?

– How do you actually create all the content for your program?

If you’ve been wondering if a membership site is the next step for you – and how to actually go about creating one – join me LIVE and let's do this!

Mini-Course Outline: