How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity

with Annette McDonald

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Have you ever Googled yourself to see what others see when they check you out? When someone “finds” you, what will they think of your brand? Wikipedia says, “A brand is the most valuable fixed asset” of a business and yet most businesses don't build their brand and messaging out FIRST. YOU are the CEO of your brand…you are responsible for the message you put out into the world and that message will attract or repel your person. Trust me, this is where the magic STARTS. #hardlessonlearned

Annette McDonald

Who is Annette McDonald?

Annette is the Founder of Easil, an online DIY Graphic solution for individuals through to large teams, looking to create on-brand graphics. With over 20 years experience in Graphic Design, she brings a ton of knowledge in practical ways you can streamline your design production for your own brand, and also the clients you manage.

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