How to be Irresistible on Camera

with Stephanie Liu

Episode Overview

Being confident on camera doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Hitting that go live button can be terrifying and it is one of the biggest obstacles that holds us back.

I know this from personal experience. When I started with live video, the ole fear monster was alive and well in my head. What if things aren’t perfect? What if I messed up? Yep, I even had a fear of being judged. Trust me, I have been there. I can tell you this…it gets easier and the only way through is to jump in.

Easier said than done sometimes, which is why I am excited to have special guest, Stephanie Liu…and we are going to talk about how to overcome fear to become totally irresistible on camera.

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

7:44 Introduction: Stephanie Liu

10:47 Can you share. your journey with LIVE streaming?

12:44 When did you start and how long did you start gaining traction?

15:13 Is it too late to go LIVE streaming?

15:58 What is the biggest benefit as a result of live streaming?

18:50 Doing videos, whether LIVE or on YouTube, what matters is you confidently show up!

19:14 Showing up and solving their problems.

19:55 What would you say to someone who has big of a fear factor?

20:28 Mindset questions

21:14 Practice, get used to it.

22:44 Value of a smile

25:00 What are some myths that you see that are pretty common? Bust those myths.

25:07 Myth 1: Showing your hands is a bad thing

29:32 Myth 2: You need thousands of audience

30:58 How content can be seen, crafted, and repurposed.

31:41 Should you focus on saying ‘You' as in speaking to one person vs saying ‘FB' or something plural, as if speaking to everyone?

33:28 Advantage of LIVE streaming: Direct dialog

34:19 Are there any tricks to keep the conversation flowing (on a solo live) without rambling?

35:02 Format Formula: Why, What, How, What if

37:40 How far in advance do you announce that you're going live?

38:48 Calendar Marketing

39:22 What if you are doing something live, such as painting of creating or teaching? It's hard to keep up the dialogue while doing something. Any suggestions?

43:10 Is it possible for absolutely everyone to be confident on camera?

47:10 What is NLP and how do you use it when it comes to video?

51:52 What is the realistic timeline for somebody to put themselves out there and get over the fear factor?

53:50 It's not gonna be perfect the first time so don't beat yourself up.

56:05 Can you tell people about your book? The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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