How to Build a Profitable Personal Brand

with Chris Ducker

Episode Overview

“Anyone with access to the internet and social media can build an audience, position themselves as an expert, and start attracting clients for their business today – The key to standing out from everyone else is standing up and OUT and building a PERSONAL BRAND!

People buy from people, not a logo and showing up and serving as a PERSON is soooo incredibly powerful. Elon Musk is a great example. His personal account has 3x the number of followers than 3 of his companies combined. Other examples…Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Brandson, yep, even me! I have been building a personal brand for over 10 years now.

Hope you will join me and my friend and special guest, Chris Ducker – the king of teaching personal branding ‼️

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestseller, “Virtual Freedom”, and author of his latest book, “Rise of the “”Youpreneur”. Originally from the UK, Chris has lived in the Philippines for 17-years, where he has founded multiple businesses, which combined house over 450 full-time employees. He’s a trusted international business mentor, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger, as well as the founder of Youpreneur.com. Chris hosts the annual Youpreneur Summit, which is held in London, England each November and is the self-proclaimed ‘Proudest Brit’ doing business online!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

3:54 Introduction: Chris Ducker

8:30 Social media has gotten much more social again

9:17 How did you get into personal branding?

13:15 virtualstafffinder.com

14:13 What took you to youpreneur.com?

18:02 Why should you have a personal brand?

19:24 Why a personal brand right NOW?

22:58 How do you do something unique when everything's been done?

24:13 Marketing like a magnet

24:05 The power of a personal brand (even for youngsters)

30:38 Who do you think works for a company and built a name for themselves inside the company and was able to jump off point to the next thing for them?

34:12 How do you get started building a personal brand?

35:57 Avoid your weaknesses

38:45 What is the pitfall when building a personal brand?

47:08 Can you build a personal brand and a business brand simultaneously?

50:53 The con for a personal brand

52:00 How do you market a personal brand? How to ask for a sale?

56:16 Don't allow the imposter syndrome to creep in

57:18 Where to find Chris Ducker

1:00:21 Any advice for focusing on the US vs international?

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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