How to Build Momentum and Stand Out When You Don’t Have Dollars to Spend

with Mark Schaefer

Episode Overview

How can we be heard, be seen, be discovered in today’s sea of information? It can be an overwhelming and seemingly monumental undertaking BUT…there is a way!

Join me and our special guest and sweet friend, Mark Schaefer, as we break down his process for how to build momentum in today’s world.

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

2:44 Introduction: Kim Garst

3:32 Show Giveaways

5:51 Introducing Mark Schaefer

8:05 Mark’s career journey 12:08 What is Cumulative Advantage?

16:10 When it comes to core competencies, how do we show up and showcase our uniqueness?

20:04 What is the internal thing that sparks someone's success versus somebody who doesn't fully take advantage of what's in their basket?

23:36 How much momentum or grabbing the wave is luck or timing?

29:12 What advice will you give to people who have something to sell, but haven't really looked at it from the buyer’s perspective?

33:37 Can you give us a couple of examples of businesses that have seen the wave and then taken advantage of the momentum?

37:11 Waves don’t last forever. So you have to keep looking at what's next. What's the next one?

37:57 How does somebody else build momentum in their business? What are some strategies that you could give to help people figure that out on their own?

42:08 Is it consistency that wins the day or is it the next big idea? It’s both. Assess where you are and identify your advantage. Find the seam. Burst through it as fast and as long as you can.

45:28 What seams do you see in the landscape?

50:47 What's a question I should ask you but didn't?

52:43 Live Show Winners

53:38 Where to find Mark Schaefer

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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