How to Create an Online Course that Sells

with Kim Garst

Episode Overview

Unfortunately, so many are STUCK trying the same ole same ole methods that aren't making a difference in their business. If you already have a course, you may not be selling it like you thought you would…that darn passive income promised isn't working like you thought it would. With so much free information today, it's getting harder and harder for course creators to sell their courses.

During this training, you'll discover 5 mistakes to avoid in order to create a highly profitable :money_with_wings: and scalable :rocket: online course!

This is for you if:
:point_right: you have a course but aren't selling it as often as you would like, or…
:point_right: you have knowledge, experience and skills that you KNOW would help someone else achieve a true transformation, but aren't sure how you fit into the sea of course creators.

Join me LIVE as I break down what is working NOW and why the opportunity for growth :seedling: is sooo rich RIGHT NOW!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome

4:25 The shift in creating courses

7:38 Wanna create an online course but don’t know where to start? Many people have systems but don’t know how to package or message it that they get stuck and put off creating the course.

8:58 Online course defined – It's the most amazing way to get your story, your expertise, and your skill sets in and package them in such a way that it makes a big impact on those who need it the most. And as, as educators, it's a way to scale what we know.

10:00 Kim shares the harsh realities of those who have knowledge but haven't created a structure for sharing that knowledge.

13:16 The old way versus the new way. Figure-it-out-yourself course versus a done-with-you model. It is a totally new way to not only sell what you know, but to package it in such a way that it's going to attract your person and sell it.

13:42 Creating courses is stinking doable! You only need 3 things: Traffic, an irresistible offer, and clients.

16:17 3 MUST HAVE ingredients to make your course SELL & SCALE : One ideal client who has a core problem they want a solution for one highly specific transformation.

18:42 4 Easy peasy steps to creating a successful and scalable online course

19:29 Step 1: Research – Research before you do anything!

24:32 Defining your unique value proposition: Taking the person where are they start at that place where they have a pain point, then you're sharing your lessons learned, and ultimately the success that you have.

32:48 Step 2: Revolutionize: What is the transformation? You’re trying to provide a revolutionary transformation in a principle-based way. It’s a consistent transformation that will change people's lives or change their businesses depending on what your area of expertise is.

39:06 Content checklist. Once you are super clear about your transformation, then you create a content checklist around that.

42:56 Step 3: Revenue: What to charge? There is a breakdown in the traditional course pricing model and how we provide support and the true transformation that people are looking for.

52:33 Step 4: Results: Deliver your course, stay 1 week ahead of your client.

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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