How to Ditch Tech Overwhelm When It Comes to Online Courses

with Nathalie Lussier

Episode Overview

Do you FREEZE UP at the very thought of all the tech you need to master when it comes to creating an online course? AND has it kept you STUCK in a holding pattern because the very thought of trying to figure out ALL.THE.THINGS simply makes your head HURT?

I got ya covered! Join me and our special guest, Nathalie Lussier as we MYTH bust the tech and help you realize that it doesn't have to be hard. YOU.CAN.DO.THIS!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome

4:05 Introduction: Kim Garst

5:10 Live Show Giveaways

7:45 Introducing Nathalie Lussier – Founder of AccessAlly

9:30 Backstory of how Natalie started with her business

15:37 Where do you see the online course is shifting today? Learning has moved online.

16:14 There are a couple of things that can differentiate a course creator and their method

17:11 Follow-up to make sure people don't fall through the cracks. Community does a really good job at this and then also having touch points.

19:07 The beauty of how AccessAlly was built – each person can have their own individual experience as they're going through your course.

19:45 How to motivate learners if they get stuck

21:37 What are gamification things that you've seen work? You could do it a couple of different ways,

22:46 Design a point system and then you can call your points anything: could be stars, coins, hearts.

26:12 Gamification example: Personality test quiz

28:36 How easy is it for somebody to have the pieces that gamification pieces at their fingertips without coding?

32:30 There's a difference between what we would traditionally call signature courses, which were $997 or $2,000. But when you add an and or layer in your time as a coach or a facilitator and a community aspect, that gives you the opportunity to UP CHARGE.

34:31 How important is community when it comes to courses?

36:52 Ways to foster a community

40:37 When you charge more, the connection, the community is a by-product of them being more plugged in and being accountable to the outcome.

41:42 Selling courses in bulk

43:10 Audience question: Is there a specific SEO advantage for having your course built on a WordPress-type site?

48:23 Where do you think the online course space is going over the next couple of years?

52:15 Where to connect with Natalie Lussier

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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