How to Podcast for Business

with Ian Lenhart

Episode Overview

Everyone talks about how powerful podcasting can be but how can you use it to generate actual “sales” in your business?

If you want to know if podcasting is for you and HOW you can use it to drive more revenue in your business, join me and our special guest, Ian Lenhart LIVE and get all the deets!

Episode Sneak Peek

00:00 Welcome!

4:15 Show Giveaways

6:44 Introduction: Ian Lenhart

Questions to guest:

7:32 How old are you?

9:30 Share how (and why) you got started with podcasting.

12:13 Why podcasting and why now?

15:32 Show sponsor

17:27 What niches have you seen thrive in podcasting?

20:38 On being authentic and human in podcasts.

23:33 Video podcasting: is it viable?

27:38 What is your opinion when it comes to the length of a podcast?

29:36 Can you give us 3 ways you can make money in podcasting.

32:20 Moving audience to your email list

33:22 Would you use video even without a guest?

35:52 Can you give us 3 way to get more viewers/audience?

39:05 Anything in life that you're going to be proud of takes a lot of work

42:25 What are 3 ways to get your guests when you're just getting started?

47:47 Where to connect with Ian Lenhart

50:28 Talk more about how your company can help people with podcasting

What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

MTGYB LIVE Show aka Marketing That Grows Your Business is our weekly LIVE show streamed across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & LinkedIn . Every week Kim invites a business Guru to share from their unique expertise. It’s full of the latest tips, trends, hacks, and actionable ideas and moreover to help you create a business and a life you love. This show is written, produced and created by me (Kim) and my amazing team. We’re beyond thrilled to have an audience of all ages in 195 countries worldwide and above all, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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