How to Quickly Grow Your Instagram Following with Stories and IGTV

with Chalene Johnson

Episode Overview

Let me ask ya…are you leveraging the power of Instagram Stories & IGTV?

Instagram Stories have always been regarded as a natural, organic way to nurture existing followers. BUT, they can also expand your reach when followers SHARE them!
Same with IGTV…they are both AWE-SOME ways to increase your visibility and grow your following FOR FREE!

Whether it’s a hobby, a side-hustle, or a hot new online business… It doesn’t matter… Instagram Stories & IGTV can be a game-changer and can help you shine bright, make an impact and put more $'s in da bank!

My sweet friend, Chalene Johnson, is an absolute rockstar when it comes to Instagram Stories & IGTV. So, I invited her to be our special guest tomorrow to share how she leverages the power of both to grow and monetize her following.

Chalene is a New York Times best-selling author, health and lifestyle expert, and top podcaster with over 30 million downloads of her shows. She is co-founder of the Smart Life movement and runs a fun loving, collaborative team focused on helping others live a healthier, more simplified life through online academies, membership sites, and live, sold-out seminars.

Chalene founded the healthy habit-forming nutrition program “Phase It Up”, which led to her new book “The 131 Method”, published in April of last year. She hosts two top ranked podcasts,“The Chalene Show” and “Build Your Tribe”. Chalene has also been recognized by Huffington Post as one of the “Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.”

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome

5:03 Introduction: Chalene Johnson

8:15 What would be one thing you'd like to share as it relates to our time right now?

12:06 People are now attracted to home-based businesses and multiple income streams.

15:15 Evolution of social media: monologue to dialogue (real connection)

16:38 You don't have to have a perfect Instagram feed anymore.

17:12 The importance of having scroll-stopping content even amongst your content.

20:10 How do I create thumb-stopping content for Instagram?

22:15 What is the IGTV opportunity right now?

23:24 Game changer: Clickable links

25:20 Know what's important for Instagram

28:46 Vertical or landscape videos?

29:39 How to create thumbnails on Instagram?

33:34 Can you do playlist on Instagram like you can on Youtube?

35:37 Where do you put hashtags?

39:24 What makes a really good IGTV video?

42:05 Can I predesign stuff and put it on stories?

45:46 Mix up your content.

46:16 Get people to physically interact with your post.

48:44 Should we be selling right now? How should we be pricing?

57:31 When is Marketing Impact Academy opening?

1:05:30 Serve your audience like you're serving your brothers and sisters.

1:07:22 What ring light do you use?

1:09:26 What is a push journal?

1:14:24 When does MIA start?

1:17:26 The importance of planning

1:20:03 Chalene's final tips

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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