How to Split Test Your Facebook Ads Like A Pro

with Andrea Vahl

Episode Overview

I know, I know…many biz owners shy away from Facebook ads but listen, ya'll…they WORK and can dramatically change the face of your business IF you know what you are doing.

One of the most important parts of successfully running a Facebook ad campaign is split testing.

But what is split testing and how do you “split test” may be your next question. I got ya covered! I have invited my sweet friend, Andrea Sodergren Vahl, Facebook Ads pro, to share HOW you go about split testing your ads!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

4:23 Introduction: Andrea Vahl

8:44 The Ellen Show

10:22 How did you first start and evolve with Facebook ads?

12:50 3 things for a successful business

13:03 Niche within a niche

15:30 What would you say to people who are getting their ad account shut down?

18:56 What is Split Testing?

21:27 What types of things can you split test?

23:23 Where do you start split testing with a small budget?

25:15 Would you recommend split testing images?

26:33 Do you feel like they say you get results or inflate in numbers, but you actually haven't shown an increase in sales?

30:23 Do you recommend Facebook's split testing feature?

33:01 Should you have a budget for split testing?

35:42 How long do you run a split test?

37:33 Do you need to split test on videos you appear too?

41:35 What else can we test?

43:52 When it comes to results, what should we be looking at? Cost per conversion or cost per click?

46:30 In your experience, what would webinar leads normally cost?

48:52 Do you ever split test ABO versus CBO?

51:44 The value of tracking and tagging people

55:08 Where to find Andrea Vahl

55:56 Andrea Vahl's book: Facebook Ads Made Simple

58:13 Andrea Vahl's final message

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