How to Use Networking to Grow Your Business

with Michael Kawula

Episode Overview

Networking in business is about creating trusting relationships and friendships with others in the business space. A key part of successful networking revolves around helping others without the expectation of return. That’s why you’ll find that the best networkers are often connectors who help others by referring customers, providing testimonials, or helping to promote events and other people’s businesses in some way.

Join me and special guest, Michael Kawula, to discover how he has formed amazing relationships through an attitude of service.

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

3:16 Introduction: Michael Kawula

6:00 What started you on your entrepreneurial world?

9:00 What does the “Help a Teen” look like?

11:00 What was the catalyst for understanding networking?

13:50 What is your definition of networking?

17:00 What would you suggest to those who wanna connect?

20:58 What are your favorite social platforms?

26:00 Use a social listening tool

28:45 How do you figure out people that are in your community?

32:42 Dave Ramsey's community

33:07 Feedly tool

38:00 Mobile marketing

40:00 How do you choose which platform you should be focusing in on?

43:18 Can you talk about the value of bringing those relationships into real life (networking face to face)

50:31 If somebody really hasn't started with their networking journey yet, where would you suggest they start?

54:12 How Gary Vee's “How to Market to Millennials” video review paved the way to Michael Kawula's connecting to the right people.

56:50 Where to find Michael Kawula

57:39 The Eisenhower Matrix

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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