Long-Form or Short-Form Content: Which Is Best for Your Business?

with Jeff Sieh


Episode Overview

As business owners, we are all trying to use social media to attract our buyers and part of that means we need to create content that will matter to them. Pretty easy, right? Just make some content that people will love and cash the checks!

ENTER THE PROBLEM…what does this look like for your business?

Join me and my special guest, Jeff Sieh, as we break down why short form content is super popular on social right now.

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

1:47 Introduction: Kim Garst

4:14 Show Sponsor: Restream

6:08 Introduction: Jeff Sieh

9:05 What is a long form content?

11:00 Why do you think people are liking shorter content?

17:12 What is easier to create, long form or short form content?

21:00 What does success mean for you on TikTok?

23:35 A lot of people feel that long-form content is easier than short-form content

26:20 What would a long-form content be like?

29:35 Do you use multiple tools to repurpose?

37:55 Can you share 3 places where. you use the repurposed content?

45:36 What about a blog post? What is the best way to take a blog and repurpose it for a short-form content?

48:53 How to be strategic when chunking up long-form content

58:48 Show Winners

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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