Is Clubhouse the NEXT Big Social Media Platform and Should YOU Be There?

with Amelia Roberts

Episode Overview

You may be hearing all the chatter about Clubhouse and if you were like me…leery of even “looking” into it because who has time for one more thing, right? Join me and my special guest, Amelia Jael, as we discuss what Clubhouse is, where it might be heading and if YOU should pay attention and get yourself there!

Episode Sneak Peek

00:00 Welcome!

1:32 Is Clubhouse the new shiny object? Something to embrace?

2:30 Clubhouse is an invite-only platform

3:18 Show sponsor: Go Social Content Club gosocialcontentclub.com

5:00 Guest Introduction: Amelia Roberts

6:40 What is Clubhouse?

8:26 Clubhouse is for iPhone only (or recent iPads)

9:20 How long have you been on the app?

12:02 Invite Giveaway

13:34 Why in your opinion is Clubhouse exciting? What's the dynamic?

19:09 Will Clubhouse take the place of podcasts?

21:30 The FOMO factor is real

23:20 What should you do when you first jump into Clubhouse?

28:00 How important the bios are

30:02 What are some Do not do's

32:15 Set the stage for the conversation

33:48 The real experts are immediately known

34:45 How to overcome the fear of not sounding an expert yet

37:52 What is the difference between rooms and clubs?

41:41 What are the strategies you've seen so far that actually drives business results?

47:22 Block out time

49:04 Does Clubhouse have a staying power?

52:25 What are some of the drawbacks that you see now?

56:00 Where to find Amelia Roberts

56:53 Invite Winners

57:57 Download the app and reserve your username

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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