Increase Your Sales by 20% or MORE Using Personalized Videos

with Matt Barnett

Episode Overview

Marketing is shifting BACK to one on one conversations and, as small business owners, we need to start integrating proven strategies to create these opportunities.

Nothing grabs attention faster than a personalized video made just for your “prospect”!
Join me and my special guest, “Papa Bear”, Matt Barnett, founder of Bonjoro, and discover how to stand out from the rest by using personalized video marketing to start those one on one conversations.

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

2:05 Show Giveaways

3:33 Introduction: Kim Garst

4:42 Introduction: Matt Barnett

6:15 What is Bonjoro?

9:34 How did Bonjoro get started?

12:41 Evolution in marketing: we've got to talk with people

14:05 Example of onboarding clients

15:48 Can you describe how that works with Bonjoro?

18:09 Is there a way to personalize a video with 50 or more people?

21:55 When it comes to personalized videos, do you have some strategies you recommend people can use that would give a high conversion rate?

25:20 Can you share some case studies where somebody leveraged the power of personalized videos and made a huge impact?

28:18 Case studies for service-based businesses

30:54 Kim Garst's personal experience using Bonjoro

32:52 Can you share how you do it?

36:24 Would having a script be beneficial to gauge response?

39:42 What is the story behind “Papa Bear”?

42:22 Where to find Matt Bernett

44:54 Conversation and relationship is where it is at.

46:22 Contest winners

What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

MTGYB LIVE Show aka Marketing That Grows Your Business is our weekly LIVE show streamed across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & LinkedIn . Every week Kim invites a business Guru to share from their unique expertise. It’s full of the latest tips, trends, hacks, and actionable ideas and moreover to help you create a business and a life you love. This show is written, produced and created by me (Kim) and my amazing team. We’re beyond thrilled to have an audience of all ages in 195 countries worldwide and above all, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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