Social Media Myths BUSTED!

with Scott Ayres

Episode Overview

Social media myths are kinda my pet peeve in life! Things like, welllll, my customers aren't on social media. Seriously?! Yasss, there are actually people who think this.

To help YOU figure out what's real and what's just hokey, I have invited my myth busting friend, Scott Ayres, to help us figure out what's what. He uses actual SCIENCE to figure out the truth behind the things people spout off as fact.

Join us because I promise you are gonna be blown away by what he shares!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

2:50 Show sponsor: Go Social Content Club

4:20 Introduction: Scott Ayres

7:25 What gave you the idea of doing the testing to see if some of these things are true or not?

11:56 Statistical Metrics: Statistical Significance Calculator

15:30 Social media is a petri dish

16:48 What is a basic thing that any business owner can do to test something in the social media space?

20:19 Which is better: Boosting posts or using Ads manager?

22:22 Scott's answer based on results

25:55 Long or short post copy?

29:57 Retesting

31:17 Where to put hashtags on Instagram? In the post copy or in the first comment?

35:40 Do emojis increase reach on Facebook?

40:08 Does it matter if you use a third-party tool to schedule your content?

46:30 Post whenever you get a chance or pre-schedule and be worry free?

48:40 Go Social Content Club winners

49:25 Viral content resharing from the original post

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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