Tips and Tricks to Create Rockin’ Instagram Reels

with Brock Johnson

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FACT: 15 seconds could be all you need to get your next customer! Imagine making one 15 second video that turns into 10,000 Views, 1000 new followers and 10 or more NEW leads for your business? Sounding good?

Join me and special guest, Brock Johnson, as we chat about how you can create rockin' Instagram Reels that make you stand out in the sea of content out there today! Ya don't want to miss this one! See ya soon!

Who is Brock Johnson?

Brock Johnson is a 24-year-old former college-athlete with a passion for helping others grow their following and business on Instagram. As Co-host of the Build Your Tribe Podcast, instructor of multiple online courses, viral Tik Tok creator, and a former college athlete, Brock has helped thousands of entrepreneurs learn to build their business, even with limited time and money.

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