The Creator Economy is THE Next Big Opportunity

with Kim Garst

Episode Overview

One of the by-products of COVID is that there has been a HUGE surge of micro-entrepreneurs. Otherwise known as creative entrepreneurs. Traditional JOB's shifted and people had time on their hands to get creative with what they were passionate about. The space is currently valued at $20 BILLION with estimations that it could grow to a $104.2 billion market in 2022.


Anytime there is this much growth aka an emerging market, there is OPPORTUNITY. How can YOU tap into this opportunity? Join me as I break down this amazing shift and how it can impact so many online business owners in a positive way!

Episode Sneak Peek

10:37 Before Web 2.0, BIG MEDIA controlled entertainment and media and there was little to no room to compete. Covid opened the doors to so much opportunity and was a catalyst for much of the change we are seeing in the Creator Economy right now.

14:28 Influencer marketing estimates the total size of the creator economy to be over $2 billion dollars.

15:00 Industry Stats ©Kim Garst | KG Enterprises, LLC | 2022
○ 50 Million self identify as a Content Creator. (Source: eMarketer)
○ 46.7 Million self-identify themselves as Amateur Creators. (Source: Influencer Marketing Hub)
○ About 2 Million classify themselves as Professional Creators (Source Influencer Marketing Hub)

16:28A content creator makes and provides content for digital channels, such as websites and social media, that targets a specific audience. Content creators are creating blogs, Images for social, video, podcast/audio, emails, posts for social media. Content is king. Content creators and the content economy has been around a long time. It’s become a catch phrase recently because of the influx of all these new people, which is why the opportunity is so rich right now.

18:15 57% Prefer the identify themselves as “Creator” to “Influencer”

25:30 The creator economy gives people a chance to monetize their passion.

31:05 My story and journey in the creator space and how I shifted my business model from trading time for money to embracing digital marketing.

36:53 46.7 million creators that are not fully monetizing their business

37:11 97.5% of YouTubers don’t make enough to reach the US poverty line even though they have over 10k subscribers.

38:11 Content creators are struggling because:
○ They don’t have a business foundation
○ No authority page
○ No lead gen
○ Nothing they are selling outside of their time
○ No funnel, etc.

42:00 Authority creator monetization system: Turning your content into an authority piece and monetizing them.

45:34 Audience question: What do you think it takes to be an authority? You need an authority page, lead gen, and something to sell.

47:27 Audience question: What is an authority page? It’s a website that has a transformational statement that matters to them.

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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