The Future of Paid Traffic & Why it Matters

with Ralph Burns

Episode Overview

Paid traffic has always been difficult because it changes so frequently but it has changed DRAMTICALLY in the past six months and as business owners, its important we know what those changes are so that we know how they impact US!
Join me and our special guest, Ralph Burns, paid media expert, as we break down what's what!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

1:43 Show Giveaways

5:45 Introduction: Ralph Burns

10:30 What tweaked your interest in starting an ad agency?

15:50 What is paid media?

20:35 Should we invest on our traffic source?

26:39 If you have to put key changes in the paid media, what would they be?

35:32 3 pathways in which people can come in

39:47 Are you seeing anything that can help lead gen cost down?

46:40 Do you have a specific strategy for anybody who's just starting with paid ads?

51:33 Picking what you wanna do and match it up with the person

57:15 Live show winners

57:31 Where to find Ralph Burns

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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