What Numbers Matter and How to Make Them Work for You

with Brie Anderson

Episode Overview

Uuuggghhh, let's be honest for a hot second…numbers SUCK for many business owners. We just want to do what lights us up and most times, it ain't the numbers. BUT the numbers matter and knowing our numbers is what allows us to work smarter, not harder.

Join me and our special analytics guru, Brie Anderson, as she breaks down what numbers actually matter, how we can find and track them AND ultimately make them work for us!!

Episode Sneak Peek

0:00 Welcome!

2:10 Show giveaways

5:26 Introducing: Brie Anderson

5:35 Introducing Brie Anderson – Owner, Beast Analytics

6:55 Brie's backstory

12:06 Analytics are just metrics and dimensions.

14:22 Why numbers are important to business owners.

19:04 GA4 is the 4th iteration of Google Analytics. It has a lot more machine learning capabilities.

23:32 How to move from the current Google Analytics setup to GA4.

26:13 What are three simple things to do to make analytics work?

33:41 Audience question: Does it make sense to convert now so that the “now” history begins now, versus losing all pre-conversion data later on?

36:16 Vanity metrics and why they don’t matter.

40:35 Best analytics practices

44:46 Can you give examples where people that were paying attention to their numbers were able to do amazing things because they knew what was working.

51:32 Where to connect with Brie Anderson

52:41 Live show winners

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What is the Marketing That Grows Your Business LIVE Show?

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