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The #1 Marketing Lesson To Be Learned From The Presidential 2016 Election

I think most of us are pretty happy that the election is behind us. In the weeks leading up to it, many of us wished we could just skip past the fighting and smear campaigns and put it all behind us. But before you stop reading, let me assure you this is NOT a political […]

9 Things I Love About AgoraPulse

There are a lot of social media management tools out there, but there are not that many FABULOUS ones. Let me introduce you to one that is truly fabulous — and nine reasons why I love their software so much. (And why you might love it too!) 1- My social Inbox Zero The first feature […]

Why Women Entrepreneurs Do More With Less

Why Women Entrepreneurs Do More With Less – but do they? Read on to find out… I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many amazingly successful women entrepreneurs over the years. In many cases, these are woman who have found ways to seamlessly balance their work and personal lives, remain strong in the face of […]

20 Ways to Give Your Tweets Stopping Power (Plus One Killer Traffic Building Tip)

Twitter has been taking it on the chin in the media, but its prominence remains. Though growth has slowed, Twitter’s 320-million current active users represent an all-time high. If the race is about users, Facebook gets the gold with 1.7 billion active users. However, according to Edison Research, Twitter users are three times more likely […]

The #1 Thing You Should Be Doing on Facebook EVERY Day

Are you a bit sick and tired of Facebook curtailing our reach to our fan base? The good news…I have the answer! The #1 thing you should be doing on Facebook every day to solve this HUGE problem! It’s VIDEO! But first, the news that Facebook is changing things up once again probably doesn’t surprise you. The […]

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs That Actually Work

Every business owner I know struggles with time management.  There are too many things to do, too few hours in the day, and way too many interruptions. The emails, the phone calls, the last minute changes all add up to a jammed packed day where you feel like you are running in circles, and not […]
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Mark Eisner