The #1 Way to Increase Engagement, Boost Conversions and Gain Repeat Customers for Life

The #1 way to increase engagement, boost conversions and gain repeat customers for life…sounds too good to be true? Read on because I want to share my #1 secret to making this a reality.

The biggest problem faced by many budding entrepreneurs today is how to take an interest, passion or skill and monetize it.  It's one thing to be think you can build a business around your passion – it's another thing to develop a business model, figure out marketing, and, at the end of the day, sell enough of your product or service that you can make a profit – without losing important things like your family or your health in the process. 

I remember it from my own early entrepreneur days and I see it regularly in my Boom! Social Inner Circle (a private group for people interested in boosting their bottom line by using social media).

But at the end of the day, no matter what it is that we are passionate about, we still want to build a business that makes money.  I don't know about you, but I still have to pay the electricity bill, the internet bill, and all of the costs that come with owning a business.

Making money. It is part of the why of being in business. 

But it's not the whole reason.

A new report was released by a strategic consulting firm (Vivaldi Partners Group).  The report is called Social Currency: How brands and businesses can prosper in a digitally connected world. 

They explained in the introduction to the report that their purpose was to "understand how consumers and customers relate to (or in the words of Charles Darwin: “collaborate and improvise” with) brands in the new digital and social world. We felt that as social networks, social media, and technologies spread, the world of marketing and building of strong brands would change. Hence, the need for the study. "

In a nutshell, they thought there might be a difference in how social media helps people connect with brands and vice versa, so marketing might be changing, and they wanted to understand exactly what that change might be.

Makes sense, right? 

What do you think they discovered?  (I feel like the Cheshire Cat right now…I've got the biggest grin because honestly I could have told you the essence of what they discovered from my own experience!)

And in fact, here's their third conclusion: 

We find that there is a breakdown in the traditional value chain. Social technologies now allow businesses and brands to put customers at the heart of every step in the chain. In the extreme, this leads to a reconfiguration of the entire value chain. 

Social technologies now allow businesses and brands to put customers at the heart of every step in the chain. 

The customer is at the heart of every step in the way that brands and businesses interact with their customers, as a result of social media.  Social media isn't just about push marketing. It's about knowing your customers needs, creating value, and being able to provide outstanding customer service – every facet of a company's operation.

It gets even better! 

It talks about the current trend of many brands, based on the marketing of the past, to see customers as targets to be acquired (and the intrusive kinds of push marketing that accompanies that mindset).  It continues, talking about a common perception that the company is managing the relationship with the customer. 

It talks about how outdated this view is – and how (based on their research) a shift needs to happen in the way that companies and brands approach their customers.  That it needs to be from the outside in – trying to look from their customers' perspectives, not their own.

In short, it talks about developing a more authentic, value centered relationship with customers.

I wanted to scream something really profound when I read this, like, "well, duh!"  <grin>  But in all honesty, from my experience, the #1 way to engage with your ideal audience, convert the members of your audience to paying clients, and then to keep their loyalty for life, is deceptively simple. 

It's called being AUTHENTIC!

I've been preaching this for years, ever since I got involved with social media.  And yes, there's a part of me that wants to say, "I told you so! but the reality is that it's not important when you get it as long as you get it! I want everyone to know that this is the #1 BEST way to increase engagement, boost conversions and gain repeat customers for life!

I'd love to know – what do you think?  Has social media changed the way you interact with your favorite brands? Has it changed your perception of your favorite brands, and if so, for better or worse?  And why?

Let me know – leave a comment below!


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    I couldn't agree more, and the proof is in the pudding as they say. YOU are the queen of authenticity Kim and that is why so many find value in you and your business. I think many are a bit uneasy with feeling confident that who they are is going to be received positively. But from my experience eventually they come around and just be themselves!! And that is a good thing! Great article that will plant the seed to just be ourselves and the rest will follow! Blessings for a JOY filled New Year!

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      Social media has changed my perception of my favorite brands. The more I see a brand engage and respond to their online users, the more that I am inclined to believe they truly care about the integrity of their customers and value.

      Also it indicates that brandd are being innovative and putting forth the effort to remain relevant. There are still a significant amount of companies out there that do not leverage the benefits of social media.

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        Totally agree with you Tammy. It’s not just about one-way communication anymore. Brands often fail to realize this thing.

        On the other hand, there are brands like Burberry who were able to engage their fans by offering an involving experience with campaigns like “Art of the Trench”on Facebook, what most of the brands lack is a bi-directional communication.

        Also, I believe, people want to connect with real people and not brands. Brands are not people but brands are made by people. So why not use a real person from your company to represent your brand.

        Disclaimer: I am the co-founder of AmplifyConnect – a user engagement tool.

  2. says

    I love the findings too, Kim! I’m enjoying being just plain ole me and finding the clients that are attracted to that! It’s exhausting trying to be what you think clients want and just developing relationships with them is so easy. I’m so glad I met you my dear and saw that YOU were the real deal and you gave me permission and gently pushed me to be the real me!
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  3. says

    Well said! And not surprising that being authentic is the central clue to building relationship, business and other! Thank you for reminding us! great job!

  4. Doody & Kami says

    Very interesting point. But how to be authentic? That’s the question many singers who don’t have a label backing them are asking themselves. To be authentic does it mean to have money to spend on marketing? In 2013 we decided to change our strategies in other to have a greater impact. I believe it takes time and a good brainstorming to start something. We are up for the challenge. Thank you for sharing

  5. says

    Transparency, truth,being real and authentic, is hotter than a chili pepper now and as it must be. This is not a new position or idea. But what Kim did is give us a great reminder, and different perspective on how it’s just that people now are taking it a lot more seriously, when choosing who they want to align themselves with and invest in.

    The Internet and social media platforms have made this extremely important. There are some shady people ready to swoop in that it’s really important for each of us to take our time getting to know people. We all need to spend time building that “like, know and trust” factor. We simply must be authentic in all of our interactions for that to happen.

    I have always been taken with the phrase “perception is reality” because it’s so darn true. What people perceive is what they think, and it is based on what they are being shown, told or even sold. So, being authentic with a hint of vulnerability in person and online over and over again from the start can eliminate a bad impression being your last.
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  6. Chris Ada,s says


    Your statement of “But in all honesty, from my experience, the #1 way to engage with your ideal audience, convert the members of your audience to paying clients, and then to keep their loyalty for life, is deceptively simple. “.

    That is the right way to go and that is the strategy which has worked for us. Infact some of our audience who have not used our services have contributed by referring us to folks who require our services

    Chris Adams

  7. says

    Oh I sooo agree. Being authentic is just so much easier than putting on different personalities for different people. When we are authentic we gain authentic clients, those clients that we want to be around!

  8. says

    Authenticity is so easy. Not sure why some people don't get that. Be you. People buy you. They really do. And the savvy consumer can see right through someone who is not being true to themselves. Even though authenticity has become a very over-used word, if more people bought into the concept of it, think of how many more clients and customers they would gain. 

  9. says

    It's amazing how just being yourself and not being afraid to show others what you bring to table can do both personally and in business. Customers like doing business with real people. Being authentic is key. Love that you remind us of this important aspect often. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and experience Kim.

  10. Daniel Julian says

    It surely has! Since social media is so vital for brands to relate with their customers, brands have had to develop a “personality” which leads to the customers to feel chemistry or not.

    So when I perceive that the brand’s “personality” is not authentic, it’s hard for me to trust and therefore to buy and engage as a permanent customer.

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