27 Tips for Tweeting More Effectively: The Ultimate Guide

[Tweet “If you Tweet and it isn’t engaged with, does it make a virtual sound?”]

Okay, that’s a pretty cheesy revision of the classic philosophical question, I know <grin!>. But seriously – what’s the point of tweeting if you aren’t going to do it effectively?

Using Twitter effectively doesn’t have to be a matter of chance. From the way you set up your account, to how you share content, to how you create original content of your own in 140 characters or less, there are super easy steps you can take today to improve the effectiveness of your Tweets! Ready to learn how?

Tweeting More Effectively: The Ultimate Guide

  1. Make sure you upload a profile picture – an egghead picture doesn’t tend to encourage people to follow you.
  2. Put some thought into optimizing your bio with keywords. If you’re not sure how to do this, find a good SEO copywriter to help you out.
  3. Add your website address (aka your URL) to your profile. This is valuable real-estate for bringing traffic to your website! Most people won’t go into your whole profile where your website might be posted so make it easy for them to click through.
  4. Have your background professional branded. If you’re not skilled with computer graphics, pay someone to do this for you. It likely costs less than you think to have this done, and the payback from having a professional looking website is well worth the investment.
  5. Check your settings to make sure you receive email when you receive a direct message. Many times they’re obviously spam and automated (though there is a way to use the automated DM function in a value-added way). But if someone real wants real information about your business, you’ll want to get back to them quickly.
  6. Twitter chats are a great way to meet new people!
  7. Use #hashtags in your profile and tweets – but use them sparingly. 1 or 2 is all you want to use, otherwise, it just looks commercial and spammy.
  8. Keep your tweets to 120 characters – this makes it possible for people to retweet you and to add a comment as well.
  9. When you RT someone, try to add a comment in order to add value to your mention of their tweet.
  10. Interact with people directly.
  11. Seek out and answer questions that people asked related to your niche. This increases your value as a leader in your field.
  12. Thank people for retweeting you and ask a question to get a conversation started. People love to be acknowledged, and you’ll stand out for your courtesy (just sayin’!)
  13. Make sure you tweet original content that has value – don’t just have a stream of RT’s of other people. If someone wants to promote you, that makes it quite difficult to do so.
  14. Use an automated program wisely – it can extend your reach when you’re working on your business.
  15. Take 5-10 minutes several times a day to interact on Twitter in real time.
  16. Include some moments from your real life in between your business related tweets. People love to get to know the real you.
  17. Spread out your tweets – don’t send them all at once. This ensures that people in a variety of time zones will see your content at various times, and it also helps you seem more real and less spammy.
  18. Learn when to tweet for maximum effectiveness. Look at your account and see when you receive the most engagement with your posts. Don’t make assumptions- really look at the numbers!
  19. Don’t just send links to your own site. I know – Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your site, and you should use it do to so. But it’s not the only way you should be using it.
  20. If you are using a Twitter meme like #FF (Friday Follow), don’t just add a bunch of names to it. Really – I don’t know that anyone actually follows people based on that! Include one name per tweet and include a reason people would want to follow that user.
  21. Add a Tweet button to your website (and on each of your posts) to make it easy for people to share your content.
  22. Add a button to follow you on Twitter to your website as well.
  23. Include a Twitter box on your website that displays your recent Tweets or what people are saying about you on Twitter.
  24. Include a link to your Twitter profile at the end of your e-mail signature.
  25. Go through your Twitter followers regularly (I use ManageFlitter) and stop following people who haven’t Tweeted in over a month. They’ll add nothing to your Twitter experience and can clog up your account, blocking you from following additional people down the road.
  26. Use Twitter lists and an application like Hoot Suite to keep your Twitter activity organized and easier for you to follow.
  27. Provide amazing value in your tweets all of the time! Generally you should be engaging with your users around 80-90% of the time and promoting yourself no more than 10-20% of the time.

What are your favorite tips for being a Twitter Power User? Leave a comment below! Did you find this helpful? Tweet this!


  1. says

    Hi Kim, Great tips! I have a question about authorizing third party apps to my Twitter account (Such as the one to manage followers). I recently discovered I was “locked out” of Twitter search because I apparently was marked as spam back in November. The only thing I could think of that I did was authorize third party apps or perhaps follow too many people (which seems crazy since I don’t follow THAT many!). I recently had Twitter unlock my account, but I just wanted to know if you had any thoughts on that! I don’t want to get locked up again, lol. Thanks!

  2. says

    Thanks Kim! Your tips are helpful. I cannot agree more with tip #4. I simply had to stop following someone because her automated tweets were simply filling up my streams. It was the same tweets over and over again in very short intervals. Bookmarked!!!

  3. says

    Great tips on Twitter. Hootsuite is a good tool to schedule your tweets and this service is free. If you are busy or out of your PC then downloading the twitter app with notifications on is an easy way to receive tweets and conveniently reply to their Tweets or DMs.

  4. raghav jain says

    Why dont we start implementing these wonderful tips right away!
    My Twitter handle is @raghavjn
    Follow me tweeps :)

    P.S. I will follow back

  5. says

    Thanks for such valuable tips! I just tried ManageFlitter and love it! I already use Hootsuite, but I’m apparently not posting quality info because I don’t get a lot of response for my posts. I will need to regroup on that one! :)

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