5 Ways To Write Super Sticky Content

If you are creating content as part of your online marketing campaign, then your ultimate goal should be to create “sticky content.” What exactly IS sticky content? Basically, sticky content is the type of content that is so GOOD that it brings readers back and back again. It “sticks” in their minds and they remember it right when they need it.

If you have access to analytics, you can see how many unique visitors you have versus the number of page views. This is a good indicator of how sticky your content is. If you have more page views than unique visitors then you most likely have articles or blogs that are bringing in return readers — which is great!

So, what exactly does it take to create sticky content? It is a combination of quality content, timeliness and consistent publishing. Here are a few ideas:

Think Like Your Customer

It is easy to write over and over and over again about why your product is so wonderful or why your service is the best. But that is not what your customer is looking for when they fire up their computer or do a Google search. They are searching for something. They are trying to solve a problem.

You will create sticky content when you start digging in and answering customer questions. If you sell essential oils for example, a post about how to calm a bee sting is going to be a lot more sticky than a post about the quality of your oils.

Be Unpredictable

Nobody wears the same outfit everyday or listens to the same music. Well, maybe music, but you get what I mean! People love the element of surprise. As writers, it is easy to get into a rut — pumping out the same “type” of content day after day. Break that cycle. Mix it up.  Readers love seeing something new, seeing a different side of you. This could mean bringing in guest authors that can offer a new perspective. Or it might just mean conducting an interview when you normally do informational articles.

Do Not Hide Your Emotions

Some of my most popular blog posts have a personal element to them. When I share my emotions, readers respond — and that is completely natural. People are hardwired to listen to their hearts. When we share stories (about ourselves or even about someone else) that have a personal element, people are going to connect.

If you are building a coaching business, do not be afraid to share where you have come from. Readers will find it inspiring and REAL. If you have had a bad day, do not be afraid to pull back the curtain a bit and share. Likewise, be sure that YOU are a part of your blog. Is your photo easily found? Can readers quickly navigate to a bio? These simple design elements go a long way towards building relationships.

Go Interactive

Getting readers to participate somehow on your blog is a great way to get them to return! Encourage comments, hold a competition, have readers vote on something, host a giveaway, encourage readers to subscribe, etc… These types of interactions encourage readers to come back to comment again or view the results.

When readers are commenting on your posts or articles, be sure to comment back. Look at each comment as an opportunity to connect. You never know where that relationship may lead!

Publish Consistently

I know I say this often, but it begs saying again. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining readership and creating sticky content. Nothing is worse than discovering a great new blog only to find the author has not actually updated it in months. Believe me when I say that once readers have found you and decided they like you, they want more content from you!




  1. says

    Sweet and sticky tips and core essentials if you want to build credibility on the internet with prospective clients or even if you want to build a following of readers. One question Kim, how can you entice readers to actually leave comments? I have noticed that there are posts that get read and then reread but no comments despite calls to action.

  2. says

    I liked and pinned this article. Speaking of sticky content and well written content, you always provide. I thank you for everything you offer. You are my favorite social media authority,

  3. Roberta Alluzio says

    I love your comments about sticky content. I think it is so true that sharing the non perfect human side in content can really draw readers in. Thanks for your great advice. I am just starting out and learning the ropes.

  4. says

    Kim I love this post and I love learning from you. You’re someone I’m looking to immolate in the industry due to your integrity and genuineness. I found you on Twitter awhile back and I’ve been soaking up all of your lovely tips and tools. I am finishing up another training but would really start youTwitter Muscle training. Right now Im feeling a little overwhelmed. I hope you don’t mind that I shared you on my Facebook, Twitter and blog. I’ll continue to share you with my coaching clients, friends and fans. Thank you so much for being REAL and helping me and many others. This is the post I shared this morning. Have a gorgeous day.
    Cody Montarbo

  5. Vanessa says

    Hi Kim – I subscribed to your mailing list after seeing you on YouTube. I love your content. It is always interesting, relevant, up-to-date and usable. I enjoy reading it each week. Keep up the good work.

  6. says

    Hey Kim,

    I liked your post, and I think I could contribute some fantastic content to your blog along the same lines of creating “sticky” content. I am a professional copywriter. It’s my full time job to produce sticky content. Currently I’m focused on writing sticky linkedin profiles. I left a link to a post that may impress you. It goes very deep into the subject of “sticky” linkedin profiles. If you’re interested in having my do a guest post on your blog, please contact me on the email enclosed.

    Have a good day!

  7. says

    Hello Ms. Garst,

    This was one of the more better posts from you I’ve anywhere on the net! I’ll tell you why, I was just thinking how or what do I do to gauge whether or not my blog and post are relevant. Is there an app or is the something that I can use to put me in the ball park of what I can write that my reader would like to hear instead of hit and miss or writing until the posts start receiving feed back.

    Thank you

    Michael Egleton

  8. says

    Hello Kim,
    Thank you for your emails encouraging me to learn how to get noticed and people to like my page. I am doing pretty good w/ my Origami Owl fan page – for that material I do is easier to post and think of what my customers want to hear. I am though having a hard time knowing what to post for my fuzzy feet page. I create and sell crocheted flip flops. What exactly do people want to know about flip flops? I post pictures that is related to flip flops/beach etc but I feel its not really reaching out. Can you give me some advice and help me out?
    I really do appreciate your help and am enjoying your emails, I am trying to do what you said but I am running out of ideas.
    Thanks again

  9. says

    Thanks for this detailed outline to make my posts more sticky. I’ve been watching my stats regularly lately and needed information on how to turn those visits into visitors. One tactic I need to pursue right away is to get visitors engaged. In the past, I used a points system with good results. I don’t remember why I got away from it. Probably the space it takes up on my blog. However, I saw a points system yesterday in a bar at the bottom. That should work. Warmly, Susan

  10. says

    Really good tips Kim! I love reading other’s posts that talk about what they are going through…it is that feeling of a personal connection! Problem for me is that my life is so consistent…not much changes and I fear I would bore everyone! Ha! That is a good thing though! :)

  11. says

    It’s always important to be yourself so that you will attract the perfect readers, clients and personal relationships, for YOU and not someone else. We all crave that interpersonal exchange. It’s no different on-line.

  12. says

    Content is a pain in my butt. :) Even though consistency and high quality, entertaining info are of utmost importance, I still get stale from time to time and find myself just going through the motions. I always appreciate the occasional reality slap in the face to wake me up and get me focused again. Thanks for the reminders Kim!

  13. says

    Great point about not hiding emotions online and pulling back the curtains a little bit. This has been something that I’ve been working on more and more ever since I first came online. A lot of it is simply becoming more comfortable in my own skin :)

  14. says

    Man – consistency will kill me – it IS killing me – I find it very difficult to keep up with posting when I get busy with life and client work *grin* – so this will be one of my big goals … building that consistency! Woot! Great post and tips Kim!

  15. Audra Floyd says

    This is a really good article, I do have a general question about social media posting. I have been advised to use a tool that can schedule posts like hootsuite or onlywire…that seems like a good idea but I have heard that some sites like Facebook give your posts less “visibility” when you use tools like these…any ideas??? I really like the idea of automation but not at the cost of getting seen.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!
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