6 Ways to make Google+ Your Favorite Social Network

Still wary of Google+? Don’t be!

There are so many benefits to using Google+ that you just can’t miss out on it because it still seems new and scary to you.

Behind the social networking aspect of Google+ lies the world of search engine optimization.  Actually, that’s not entirely accurate.  Google+ is changing the way we look at social networking and search engine optimizing and connecting them.  A new kind of search is emerging, one many people call social search.

Here’s what that means.

When you search for something on Google, for better or worse, the results aren’t the same as when anyone else searches on Google.  In other words, my search results will look very different than your search results. Google looks at things like your location and your connections and tweaks the articles that appear higher in your results based on your network of friends.

So the SEO capabilities of Google are what make your activity on Google+ so much more important than your activity on every other social network.  Google knows and likes Google-owned sites.  For example, YouTube is owned by Google and they give preference to videos that are hosted on YouTube before other video hosting sites. This means that your activity on Google+ will have a serious impact on your appearance in search engine results.  If you avoid Google+, over time, your business will lose ranking and be replaced by results related to companies that have a more robust presence on Google+. Yes, I said it! It’s time to give Google+ some attention.

Here are 6 ways that you can get over your fear or even your dislike of Google+ and make it your favorite social network!

1. Build A Great Profile

Rome wasn’t built in a day — but you can definitely build your Google+ page in less than that.

As you set up your profile, SEO should be driving your word choice and decisions. Use your keywords in descriptions, titles and texts on your profile. Even your picture can be optimized! Choose a professional photo that will encourage your readers and followers to connect with you. Then put an author tag on your photo that includes some of your keywords.

2. Use Circles to Tailor Your Message to Your Audiences

It’s easy to think you only have one audience, but there may be people who are interested in your business in very different ways.  Do you offer business services and business coaching? These represent entirely different people, and you should tailor your posting accordingly by segmenting your connections into Circles, then selecting the appropriate circle(s) every time you post.

3. Learn the Shortcuts! 

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts you can use:

  • j – move down
  • k – move up
  • @ or + – tag someone in a post
  • q – add to Google Talk list
  • tab – scroll through comments (useful for people who have hundreds of comments)
  • enter – open the comment box on a post
  • tab + enter – post a comment
  • space – scroll down
  • shift + space – scroll up

4. Post Consistently

Nothing does you more damage in the eyes of your followers than not posting consistently.  It’s the equivalent of going into a store and finding a coating of dust all over. It suggests you aren’t up to date and that you aren’t serious about your business. Honestly – it is a terrible representation of your brand on any platform!  If you aren’t up to posting regularly but you’re serious about using social media in your business, please consider searching for a company to manage and implement your social media strategy.

5. Use Google+ Hangouts

With Google+ Hangouts you can foster a deeper relationship with your ideal customers, provide better customer service by addressing any concerns your customers may have, and provide a personal touch to your business by interacting with your customers face to face.

6. Include Your Links

Like many social media platforms, Google+ has a specific place for you to include your URL.   Hint hint – this is an ideal place to put your business webpage.  Seriously, you wouldn’t imagine how many businesses overlook this key piece of real estate!

But there’s an additional goodie that Google provides as well.  The “pages you like” or “recommended links” section.  You can put links to multiple pages here – maybe a Google+ specific landing page on your website, or a product landing page or something else.  Be creative – this is prime real estate!

Have you used some of these tips in making Google+ your favorite social network? If not, what is it that is holding you back from using the site? Comment below!


  1. says

    Great post, Kim! I can honestly say that I haven’t given my Google+ the time that it deserves, but will be making swift changes so that I can maximize its capabilities! Thanks for the always awesome tips!

  2. says

    Thanks to your tips I am FINALLY posting regularly…now to just get the hang of interacting! Doesn’t feel as accessible as facebook or twitter but it’s probably just my ‘inner me’ fighting change!! Ha!

  3. says

    Oh I am still not sold on Google! Just can’t get into it, don’t really find it user friendly and it just frustrates me. I guess I need to just spend time in there.

  4. says

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. Have been loving the benefits of Google+ more and more these days. It’s exciting to truly see the benefits that will be coming in the upcoming days and to see how everything plays out.

  5. Steve Willoughby says


    Could you share an overview if your schedule? Do you have specific days that you work in your profiles? What percentages of your posts are scheduled? Thank you.

    • Kim Garst says

      Hi Steve! I work in each platform daily… If I have a busy day planned then I do pre-schedule things to go out but this is what I do. Now I teach people to pre-schedule and to post live when they can. The biggest thing that cannot be pre-scheduled is the engagement, that is always live.
      Look what Kim Garst just posted..The Value of Nice in Your BusinessMy Profile

  6. Dawn Kline says

    Kim, thank you so very much for all of the valuable info you provide for social network newbies like me! I have read through several of your posts on using Twitter and Linkedin and I also really appreciate this one on Google+!

    I have three separate business concerns going on simultaneously that I would like to promote through social media. My question is, should I set up three profiles and promote them all individually? Or should I uses just one profile and showcase each in turn?

  7. says

    This article was a phenomenal read! I’ve been actively on G+ for about 2 months, and can say it’s awesome. Kim you’re 100% right, if you have a real business that plans on being around for the long haul, then you must get on Google plus.

    Also, thanks for the tips… especially the shortcuts. I’m always looking for ways to be more productive.

    Look what Dexter just posted..Online Reputation MarketingMy Profile

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