8 Ways to Create Content Google Will Devour

Recently I wrote a blog titled, “9 Reasons Why It Is Important To Rank High On Google.” One of those main reasons is that Google is the leading search engine with a huge majority of users choosing to use the site for their daily inquiries.

Logically, the next step is to let you know how you can create great content that will help you to rank highly on Google PageRank.

With the use of an algorithm, or what seems to be a magic formula, Google provides a “page rank” to websites based on the site’s importance. This ranking ranges from 0 to 10 with 0 being the least important and 10 being very important.

It’s important to create strong, relevant content for your blog, website, fan page, etc. that Google will eat up. Here are 8 ways you can do this:

 1. Create Content for People, Not a Computer

The topics on your site should be relevant to your brand and of genuine interest to the people who will be reading it. Adding keywords and content that you think might rank well on Google but is irrelevant to your business lessens your credibility and devalues your website.

2. Be Unique

Your website should provide original content, reporting, research, etc. Your page should provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results.

If you’ve got the same information as every other website in your niche, why is a consumer going to choose your website over the next guy’s?

Offer a product someone else doesn’t sell, a service the business down the street doesn’t offer, information that nobody else has – show what makes you the best!

3. Go Beyond the Obvious

Show the World Wide Web that you’re an authority on your topic. Does the content on your site make readers say, “Duh, everybody knows that. What else can you tell me?”

Consumers want to the most up-to-date, insightful information that they can get their hands on. Try to provide that for them!

4. Include Infographics

Infographics are visually appealing and fun for your readers, and many people respond better to visuals than to plain text.

They’re a unique way to show your understanding of your area.

Not only are infographics helpful in these ways, but they’re also fantastic for SEO. Great infographics tend to go viral which will have people linking to your website and as a result – traffic.

5. Be Thorough

Answer questions and provide thorough content so that potential readers or customers want to stay on your site to continue reading.

Google knows when visitors jump from one page to another quickly and it’s something that factors into how highly they rank a website.

Be thorough when checking your website for editing, as well. Messy, unsubstantial, unspecific content is not something that Google loves!

6. Think of Yourself as a Consumer

You may be a little biased – but try to imagine yourself as someone who’s never seen your website but is interested in the types of products, services, or information you deal with.

Would you bookmark this page? Share it? Recommend it to your friends or family?

Sometimes taking a step back and taking a look through another’s eyes can help see things in a different way.

7. Update Regularly

Google wants to see that you’re keeping up-to-date and regularly posting new content. It’s great for SEO to include publish dates whenever you update your site or post new information.

8. Try to Connect with Your Visitors

This goes along with writing for people, not for a computer.

Making some sort of a connection with your visitors can turn them into repeat visitors – and we all want those, right?

Providing real experiences and events that concern you or your business helps a reader to see that you’re a human, too, and will help them to relate to your material.

As always, have fun with it! Visitors are always looking to be entertained or informed – preferably both at the same time!

Follow these tips when creating content for your site and adjusting it where needed and boom! You’ve got a recipe for success. Has your site triumphed by using some of these tips? Or do you have different ideas of what can be done to create great content that Google will love?


  1. says

    Great tips!

    What do yo feel about including “Live Chat” options for newer blogs to thoroughly engage visitors when you’re available? Hindered on a blog you think?

  2. says

    I Love your choice of word Kim —>”Devour”. It just like that it’s like a monster, a preadator that any moment from now it’ll gonna eat me. So much for that. I know that most us do depend our marketing strategies on what are effective and of course the big Mr. G. Content is really the King and following your tips here can really make a boom as you said.

  3. says

    Great ideas and suggestions Kim, thank you! I would like to get more into Google Plus, especially from your conversations regarding it’s importance. These are great tips to get going! See you on G+ :)

  4. says

    I’ve always wondered about publishing WITH the date of publication shown so thanks so much for clearing that up.

    And I especially love that you take the time to ascertain that you have no spelling errors or typos in your posts (your newsletters included). I really appreciate that.

  5. says

    I’ve definitely noticed the benefits of incorporating some of these techniques within my strategy. One of my favorites is creating content that is fit for people vs. the computers. You can only do so much to “trick” the computers, but it’s the people/readers that we should all be concerned about. If we write good quality content, then that is powerful in and of itself.

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