How to Clean Up Your Social Permissions Quickly and Easily

Obviously many of us are very involved in the online world. We have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and the list goes on. Over the course of time, we have given authorization to specific apps (applications) which plug into our various social media platforms. Things like Hootsuite, iPad, and Twitter apps for Facebook etc. In fact, we probably don’t even remember what we have authorized over the time we have been involved with social media! I think you are going to be stunned when you see how many apps have access to your private information! It is time to clean up your information act 

Quick video tutorial on how you can clean up your social media applications in about 2 minutes! will help you quickly tap into your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram and Flickr accounts and make sure that your info is going to the places that you want it to go! It is a simple interface that allows you to click on the big social media icon of your choice and links you directly to the page that you need to be on to review your app permissions within each social network. Facebook for example, hides their app permissions behind about four or fives links to get to the right page. really simplifies this process. It’s a free service and I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to clean up your apps and take control of your personal information.

Also, download this “Facebook Permissions Cleaner” — a tool that cleans up Facebook app permissions in seconds!



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    Hey Kim – thanks for the reminder. I'm going to do some clean up today. Quick question:
    have you had any issues with bogus requests for connection on LinkedIn? I'm getting about 8-10 each day all at the same time. The issue is that some of the faces are the same with different names and companies. I've sent a complaint into LinkedIn, but it's an ongoing problem.
    Just wondered if you have any any such problem.

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    Kim, as a virtual assitant you just gave me an excellent tool to make sure I keep the social media sites cleaned up for my employer. Thank you so much for this valuable information

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    I have just join quite a few social media platforms that are really working well for me and I just started to wonder about all these permissions I that I was giving out; as a friend just got hacked.  Then your tweet to this article popped up.  Great timing, just what I needed, thank you!!

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