How to Get More Retweets On Twitter

Twitter has become a global sensation.  It is growing at a phenomenal rate, more than 300,00 new users daily! More and more people are sharing content, quotes, daily happenings using Twitter. Getting retweets is a sign that your followers are indeed following you and that they find your tweets interesting enough to retweet.  What is a retweet you may ask? Retweets are posts by your followers based on the original tweet posted by you or someone else.  Retweets are usually reposted starting with “RT” which means retweet followed by the twitter name of the person it originated from. For example; here is a tweet that I posted this morning and it was retweeted many times in this format; RT @kimgarst: Got negative people in your circle of friends? Tighten the circle! Don't let others dictate who you are. Stand up and be YOU!

What is the value in getting more retweets on Twitter?  First, your exposure increases when someone retweets your posts. Your original tweet will be shown on the feed of the person who retweets you and all those that follow that person will also see your tweet. If your content is something of interest to them, chances of them following you are very high. It increases your reach as well as the number of your followers.  For example, if you have 50 followers, you would have a reach of 50 without the value of retweets.  If some of them or all of them would retweet your posts, your exposure will increase expotentially based on the number of followers your followers have. If you expand this one more level; suppose one of your followers followers retweets the same message? You have increased your reach even more! The viral power of social media is extremely explosive! 

How to Get More Retweets on Twitter?

1. Great Content

How to get more retweets on Twitter starts with posting messages and content that will be of interest to your followers and have a high probability of being retweeted.  It is pretty simple; people retweet info they find interesting. Find out what your niche market is interested in and then give it to them.

2. Retweet Button

Place a retweet button on your site to give your followers an option to retweet it if they find it interesting enough to share it with others. TweetMeme is a great plugin for your blog site and it makes it very easy for your visitors to share your post on Twitter with one click. Make sure that you place the button at the top of the page so that your visitors see it and act on it.

3. Hash Tags and the @

You can also use the @ sign to tag people in your network so that they would be notified of your new post.  For example; @kimgarst I appreciate the info! A hashtag may be a keyword that is utilized often. For example, I use #TWITTERTIPS to identify all my Twitter tips. You can even start your own hashtag! Using these two items increases the chances of your message gaining attention and to possibly get retweeted.  Some people overuse hashtags so use them sparingly. Hashtags help others identify quality content quickly; again increasing your chances of obtaining more followers.

4. Ask for the Retweet

You can also simply ask your followers to retweet.  Most people are willing to do favors by retweeting if they are asked to do it.

5. Be a Retweeter Yourself

You can start by retweeting your followers content.  Many of them will reciprocate by retweeting your content as well. If you always look to give more to others than you expect in return, the return is always greater in the end.

6. Reaching Other Time Zones

If you would like to reach people in different time zones, you can schedule some of your posts to be posted while you are away or sleeping.  This is a great way to broaden your reach and have an opportunity for retweets in other areas of the world. You can schedule your retweets using SocialOomph or

7. Show Appreciation

Do not forget to thank the followers who have retweeted your messages.  People appreciate the recognition so posting a message thanking the people who have reposted your messages goes a long way in building the retweet relationship.

8. Short Tweets

Make your posts as short, but meaningful, as possible.  Short messages are easier to post and the retweeter would be able to add some comments as well.  A good rule of thumb is to keep your tweets to 120 characters leaving 20 characters for those who retweet you to add a comment. There are approximately 55 million tweets posted daily to Twitter.  Your aim is to make your tweet as interesting as possible to those that follow you.

9. Don't Flurry Tweet

Somtimes tweeters post multiple tweets in one fell swoop. They dump 10-15 tweets into their feed all at once. Whenever you do this, it makes it hard for people to concentrate on your post simultaneously. Additionally, some view this as spam when they see someone posting multiple tweets on the hour every hour. To maximize your retweet chances, space your tweets out.

10. Be Social

After all it is called "social media' for a reason. Respond to direct messages, retweets and interact with others who share content that you find engaging. Building relationships is my ULTIMATE retweet tip.


  1. says

    Great tips Kim! I especially like the reminder to use hashtags. I use them sporadically at best. This is the most concise and thorough list of Twitter tips I've seen. I'll be sharing this for sure.

  2. Adeline Terry says

    Hi Kim,
      Thanks for all the tips. I just recently got started on Twitter and wondered how I could get others to retweet my posts. I will certainly take these ideas to heart.
    Have A Great day!

  3. Sue Graber says

    Wow, Kim…I appreciate all these tips.  I knew some of them but lots of new good information – exactly what I was looking for!  Appreciate you & your willingness to help others! 

  4. Phillip Dodd says

    Hashtags are so important! I'm glad that you speak highly of them in this article. I still have a lot to learn about them myself… thank you for sharing some good info :)

  5. says

    ouch got me on the "Flurry!" When I am having healthy tea or coffee int he am, sometimes I get on a roll of thought or inspiration and let it fly! (Twitter, fly, hehe) I'll have to watch that flittering and flurrying! Thanks so much!

  6. Carl Mason-Liebenberg says

    I was very reluctant to embrace Twitter initialy. But, I have actually grown to love it far more than Facebook! I am stil learning a lt about it but thanks to posts like this, I'm making progress and enjoying the journey!

  7. DeborahTurton says

    Fantastic Tips and Focus Kim. I have learned and continue to learn so much from you. I LOVE RT others however I am still getting my head around how to be 'effective' with Hash Tags and creating my own, I think I am still a bit random lol. I am looking forward to getting into "Twitter Muscle" I am sure that I will have a lot of questions answered within the training. Thanks for all you give Kim.

  8. says

    Super tips from the Twitter Lady herself!  :)  I took notes… Thanks, Kim for all you bring to the table.  Appreciate you! x0x
    NormaDoiron @ The LEARNED Preneur ╰☆╮

  9. says

    In my opinion, it's really hard to get retweets on Twitter. I mean, I had a Twitter account for one of my websites, I had a lot of followers but I never got a bunch of RTs, only 1-2-3 RTs maximum. It's annoying and it makes you want desperately to get retweets, or that's only me haha. It's really a great help reading your article, thank you very much for sharing, I am going to apply these tips. Keep up the good work!
    Look what Diana Stroe just posted..Reiki MastersMy Profile

    • adminadmin says

      It’s really not as hard as you might think. Lead with great content and if you don’t have content yet, find someone who does and tweet their stuff. You will find that you will quickly start to generate retweets. If you don’t have a system for building your twitter following I would suggest I share all my secrets for not only building a huge targeted list in a short amount of time but I also share tons of other great info that will help you monetize your Twitter following.

  10. Susan Preston says

    I love how you simplify everything you teach. All one has to do is follow what you're showing them to do and WALLA, they too will start to get the results that they desire. Thank you, for all that you give to not only myself, but to so many others. You are Amazing :)

  11. says

    Thanks Kim, you've taught me most of what I know about Twitter and I'm nearly 11,000 follows strong, with lots of RT's, @, and DMs every day!  Great advice  here.  I do have one questions, if you use SexyBookmarks is it necessary to have Tweetmeme?  (Not clear to me what Tweetmeme does differently).

  12. says

    Kim – thank you for making this so clear and easy to understand! Your tips are fantastic!  I didn't think I would enjoy using Twitter but with tips like this, it makes it so much more fun!

  13. says

    Those are great tips Kim. I've been finding a lot more success since I've been focusing more on retweeting other peoples content, or thanking them for sharing their content. 

  14. Minesh Rai says

    In promoting our blog posts, sharing stuff, selling product……hushhhh mostly spammy, we have forgotten that it is a place to create conversation. And to gain loyal followers we have to maintain its dignity.

  15. says

    Usually if I ask to be retweeted, people honor that. I have heard some “experts” say not to ask. To me, that’s plain silly, as I don’t mind at all when others ask me, and I am glad to retweet anything important. So I ask for a retweet when its important also.

    • adminadmin says

      I don’t do it on every tweet but for things that I would love more exposure for, I do ask and many honor the request.

  16. says

    Awesome tips Kim! :) Hate it when people don't do #7 and when they do #9!
    I retweet a lot and got dm'ed by someone for that. I just told him that twitter's for sharing and that I don't think my followers will care what brand of toilet paper I use.
    Thanks for this! :)

  17. says

    Great post, Kim.  Thanks!  I shared it with my social media class at the largest school of business in California :)  RTs are a far better engagement benchmark than followers.  It's quality, not quantity that counts.  RT leans far more in the quality content area.

  18. says

    I can attest that all of these tips work. I've been getting a TON of retweets on several articles on my blog lately but it took time: following and becoming regular readers of the people who eventually found my content useful was a first step. Hashtags are incredibly powerful doors which open up one's content to new readers too. Also, I use Hootsuite for scheduling tweets (2-3) when I'm asleep.

  19. says

    “Kim is a top 10 women and top 50 Forbes social media power influencer and is extremely passionate about serving the small business owner…”

    Out of dazed curiosity; what exactly is “a top 10 women and top 50 Forbes social media power influencer”? Does this mean you’re responsible for brownouts on the electricity grid? It’s confusing. Please explain how you are “extremely passionate about serving the small business owner.” – It all seems to sound nice; but what does it mean?
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