How to Be a Business Superstar: The 8 Traits You Must Cultivate


Everyone wants to succeed in business, even to excel – but do you really know what it takes to get there?  It’s possible to guess, of course.  You might try to think up a list on your own, or you might try to put together enough motivation and self help books to figure out what the experts think.

But instead of so-called experts, consider the example of the real professionals – the ones who are simply doing it.  They are delivering excellence, overachieving in spite of any limitations or odds against them.

If you look at their stories, there are some traits they hold in common. I’m happy to tell you, though, that those traits aren’t ones that some are born with and some aren’t, thank goodness <grin>!  With hard work and being intentional, you too can cultivate the traits it takes to become a super achieving in your own life and business, and here’s how…

How to Be a Business Superstar: The 8 Traits You Must Cultivate

1.     Know your vision and remain focused on it

An unwavering dedication to your vision is what it takes to see something through to completion – and to success.  But how many people get distracted, either by other ideas or by temporary failure, and give up?  Business superstars stay focused on their vision and let that vision fuel them to get through the challenging times!

2.     Persist – but be smart about it

I’m going to date myself here, but there’s a line from the Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler, that says, “You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em!” There’s a lot of truth in those words, I’m just sayin’!  You have to have the determination to persist- but you need to temper it with the wisdom of knowing when you need to tweak your plan because it won’t every work right in its current form. I’m not saying you necessarily have to abandon your plan at that point, but it might require tweaking, and you need to have the wisdom and humility to be able to. 

3.     Connect with your community

I’m huge on connecting with your community for marketing, but the flip side is important also. It’s not always about promoting your brand. It’s all about keeping your edge and allowing your mind and ideas to be sharpened by connection and conversation with others.

4.     Remain open to new ideas

If you think you know it all, you will fail.  Period.  The world changes too fast for you to be stuck in a rut of what you’re thinking and doing without accepting wisdom from others.

5.     Know your story and tell it

If you can capture people’s imaginations through the power of story, they’re more likely to invest in your brand. As much as you’d like to think that people make decisions based on logic, the fact is this – it’s almost always driven by a gut instinct or emotion that we try to later justify with emotion.  Tell your story over and over, and make sure you remain authentic to that story.

6.     Gain control over your emotions

Life happens. Stuff happens. Sometimes you feel hurt, angry, or rejected.  Super achievers in business use those things to learn from, as well as to motivate them toward success.  Learn from those things and move on – don’t get stuck because of them!

7.     Know how to choose patience – and do so

The most successful entrepreneurs know how to be patient when necessary, both in the midst of anything volatile and in the long term when focused on a vision.

8.     Find happiness and let it fuel you

Happiness is a powerful feeling! It can give you the passion to work hard, and the payoff of success can fuel expanded efforts.  Find ways to cultivate happiness in your life on a regular basis.

Which of the 8 traits that you must cultivate to become a business superstar comes easiest for you? Which one challenges you the most? Leave a comment below!


  1. luay says

    Great and Truthful !
    Patience and Focus are key point I think yet are too difficult to maintain specially in business world, there is a Nasty side usually in making money which may reach a point where its Sleep Deprived state or what you think Kim ?

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