5 Magic Twitter Strategies To Increase Website Traffic

5 Magic Twitter Strategies To Increase Website Traffic
Do you feel like you put in a lot of time and energy into your twitter account? Would you like to see more website traffic as a result? Would you like to know that what your doing makes a difference?

If so, then it is time to increase your website traffic with these 5 magical Twitter strategies.

1. Initiate a Personal connection

Everyone loves to feel special. You can create this special bond with your Twitter followers by sending them personal direct messages.

When new Tweeps on Twitter choose to follow you, take a moment to check out their bio and their tweets. If they are an ideal prospect, or a potential connection, then take a moment to introduce yourself and share what you like about their page.

Don’t jump in with a sale or pushing your business, instead tell them how you can relate to their bio or what you like about their tweets. It’s important to establish a real, personal connection FIRST!

2. Add Keywords to your Short Bio & Tweets

By adding keyword phrases to your short bio and tweets, you make it easier for ideal prospects to find you. There is a difference in action between prospects who are hanging out and prospects who are ready to buy.

Prospects who are ready to buy are doing specific searches. They are typing keyword phrases into their Google search boxes and Twitter search boxes. They want the information and help they desire…and they want it NOW.

Think about your own behavior, when you are ready to buy a scarf you DON’T go to google and type in “scarf”. Why, because that would be too vague and super unhelpful. Instead, if you’re ready to buy a scarf you may type in “royal blue knit scarf”. Typing in the keyword phrase is going to get you much closer to your desired goal of a new scarf.

So, use keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche product or service and make it easier for buying prospects to find you!

3. Include your URL in your bio and point it out

First you want to be sure that your website URL is apart of your bio. Also, if possible, you want to share a URL that links Twitter followers directly to a private page on your website. The purpose of this private page is to only welcome Twitter followers. (Again, you want your followers to feel special! )

However, having your URL in your Twitter bio is not enough because followers don’t actually visit your Twitter page that often. Instead, they interact with your tweets in their home feed.

Thus, it is important that you tweet about your website and provide the link in the tweet. This way people will be reminded of your website and where they can learn more.

4. Custom design your background space

Twitter not only allows you the opportunity to create a profile, but you can also design your own profile background. This is HUGE! Your Twitter background can speak volumes towards who you are, what you do and how people can learn more.

Your Twitter background can have a picture of you, your business logo, your latest product or book. It can show a picture image of a testimonial or a link to a free offer or special deal.

Have fun with your background but keep it clear. You want to make sure it is really easy for visitors to understand what you do, why you do it and how they can take action. Ultimately, you want visitors to take action. So, give them a reason to follow through and make it super easy.

5. Offer Exclusive Deals to Twitter Followers

If you haven’t already noticed the theme of this article is to make your Twitter followers feel special. (That’s when the magic happens!) And, exclusive deals for followers does just this. It also keeps them coming back to check in frequently because they know you offer special deals.

Don’t make it complicated. Most of the time Entrepreneurs don’t offer deals because they over think them or try to make them more complicated than necessary. Keep any exclusive offer simple and fun.

For example, you could post: “20% off all dating profile critic if you schedule today – Exclusive for our Twitter followers. Just mention you saw this post.”

You can even start a deal of the week. This will keep followers coming back week after week after week!

Which of these 5 magical Twitter strategies called out to you? How will you begin implementing it?

Please leave us a comment! We love hearing from you!



  1. Aleshia Green says

    Thanks for sending out that email this morning. I use twitter, but lightly. I never really think of proposing offers through twitter, but I will now. 
    Aleshia Green

  2. Pamela says

    Kim, great article.  Do you have a VISUAL twitter training?  I feel I need a visual training so I can understand the mechanics of it and how these activities look on my screen. Same with using twitter through hootsuite.  If you are monitoring and connecting on twitter, do you use just twitter? Do you view that on hootsuite.  I think the mechanics of how twitter works and how to use it on my screen are the biggest obstacles. I'd love a article from you with short videos or screen shots too, doing this.   :). So appreciate you!  

  3. says

    I find the hardest part of Twitter is keeping current. Since the stream goes by so quickly – how do you stand out from the crowd? And how many tweets a day is too many? I always feel that my ideal customer stopped looking at their twitter stream 5 minutes before I tweeted…….

  4. Kellie Gardner says

    Wow. We are on the same wavelength. I just  posted an article on my website Sunday about how I am embarking on Twitter series to teach my list and whosoever will all that I have learned about Twitter. In fact, I uploaded a video tutorial on Twitter marketing today. It is so funny because I joined in 2010 and had a little training but really got bogged down with it and all of the other "social media marketing" I was trying to do. For some reason, I suddenly got excited about Twitter  (again) and started studying some gurus like Dennis L Prince, Michael Tassner, Jeffery Gitomer and a few others who were dynamic with Twitter marketing. Everything you have shared supports what the "gurus" say to do, so keep up the good work. You know what works and you share it freely with us. We appreciate you!

  5. says

    Hey Kim great ideas, I have to say I agree with Suzanne regarding free stuff. I run a Facebook drawing every year, which for three lucky winners will receive a free core aeration. This could be worth $150 or more.

    But I do understand that there are business owners that do not actually think about what they have to offer, that could potentially have an up sell side of it.

  6. Marc Bell says

    Hi Kim!
    You've laid out 5 solid twitter methods to increase traffic. I think numbers 1-3 play a very important role when it comes to receiving traffic from twitter. 
    Here is a website that will help you take your twitter strategy to the next level: Visit: http://justretweet.com (I'm not affiliate with the owners, nor do I personally know them. I am simply active user of Just Retweet).
    Thanks for your list Kim
    Marc Bell

  7. says

    Hi thanks for those tips. I retweeting other tweets is also a good way of user engagement and to increase followers on twitter

  8. says

    Thanks for the tricks Kim. Combined with a few little methods of my own, I’ve already managed to improve my Twitter following and traffic. A little tip I’d like to share is using things that are extremely popular at the time and connecting it to you site in any way you can. E.G. GTA V is one of THE most popular things right now, so if you can find some way to connect it to you site, you’ll surely reap the benefits. Just an example, but you get the idea.

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