Step-By-Step: How to Record Google+ Hangouts

You’ve probably heard of Google+ hangouts.  If not, they allow you to host video conferences with up 9 other people at once.  Hangouts totally take phone conferences to an amazing new, FREE level.

But now, you can host Google+ Hangouts “On-Air” which means that you can broadcast a Google+ Hangout to an unlimited audience. This is not just for the first 9 people, but also for as many people as possible! Until recently, this feature was only available to big businesses and select audiences.

If that isn’t good enough, Google+ Hangouts On Air also gives you the capability to record your session to later post and share!

So, how do you REALLY record your Google+ Hangout?

1. Log into Google+, open your homepage and click on “Start a hangout”.

2.  Name Your Hangout and Invite People.

Recording Tip #1: Give your hangout a unique name.  This way other people won’t accidentally jump into your hangout because they are trying to start one with the exact same name. 

3. Check the “enable hangouts on air” box to record your hangout!

See the picture above.  There, you will find the box to enable hangouts on air so that you can record it.

NOTE:  This will also cause your hangout to be aired LIVE on your YouTube channel and on your Google+ stream.  This is a GREAT automatic feature because any of your followers on YouTube and Google+ will be reminded to join when they see you talking live!

Anyone who joins into your hangout will be notified that the hangout is being streamed live on YouTube. This way, if they wish not to be apart of the hangout they can choose not to enter.

4.  Agree to Google’s Terms of Service

As with any terms of service it will behoove you to READ through them the first time.  This way there are no surprises later.  This is especially important if you are hosting the hangout for another company or your boss.

5. Click Continue to Start Your Google+ Hangout –

When you click continue your Google+ hangout session will start.  You will then have the choice to either wait for others to join you or start broadcasting live without them.

6.  Recording Your Hangout

Once your broadcast starts, you will want to click on the red “start broadcast” button. There will be a 10 second countdown to your live recording. This is your chance to adjust your hair, smile and breath!

7.  AFTER your Hangout –

Your video may take up to an hour to process before appearing on your YouTube channel.

Once it has uploaded to YouTube, you can edit it on your “Video Manager” page.  You can also share the link to the video from your video manager page.

Recording Tip #2:

Unless you’ve already recorded and uploaded a number of videos to YouTube your account probably has a 15minute video limit.  This means that you will not be able to upload a recorded hangout that is more than 15minutes long.

To get around this restriction, log into YouTube and click on the link below to request more space.

If you don’t complete this step before you host your Google+ hangout YouTube will automatically cut it off after 15 minutes.

Recording Tip #3:

Before you jump into a presentation you can plan to incorporate a number of great apps to enhance your hangout.  Two great apps include Scoot and Doodle and Cacoo.  Scoot and Doodle is a fun app that allows you to draw on your screen as well as offering many other features! To check it out visit:

Cacoo allows you to create diagrams online with real time collaborations. To check it out visit:

So, now that you know how easy it is to record a Google+ Hangout, when are you going to get in there and play?

How will you use this for your business? 


  1. Susan Preston says

    Thanks, Kim for another great post filled with such valuable info. I will be bookmarking this as well :)

  2. says

    Wow, Kim you bring so much to the table it's hard to digest it all. Google hangouts sounds like a simple, effective way to share my business with many at one time…I'll work on digesting this meal for sure.

  3. says

    This is definitely bookmarked; you keep on stretching us Kim, which is good….without it we wouldn’t grow. I will have to work on this one though! Thanks!

  4. Carol Giambri says

    Another great post Kim.  I have to print it out and digest it more.  Love the graphics and the super tips. 

  5. Emma Hart says

    Thank you for the how to. 
    Google + hasn't  taken off yet, I hope that hang outs and other 'new' applications which Google + are bringing out later this year will make a shift  a reality and not just a blip in the social media world. 

  6. Jim Zboran says

    Great Step-by-Step, Kim… looks like G+ Hangouts may have some good potential for one-on-one and group coaching calls as well as small mastermind groups.  I'm going to have to experiment some with them!

  7. Ivan Raychev says

    Thanks for the great guide. I was wondering, is there a way to record your hangout without broadcasting it?

    • says

      Hi Ivan,
      I produce short videos with ScreenFlow. This software (mac only) allows me to record anything on my computer monitor. That includes hangouts. Not sure about time limits, since I do shorter recordings. But ScreenFlow might be a nice option, especially if you wish to do some editing or add additional elements like graphics to support your Hangout discussion.

  8. Dedy Isnandar says

    Nice info Kim
    How can we record the sessions, if we are not the moderator of the hangouts session ?
    Cause sometimes we follow some important hangouts but it didn't save the record their session
    can we as member do that ( i mean record the session ) ?

    • adminadmin says

      Do you have a screen recorder like Camtasia? That would be a great way to record if you are not the originator of the Hangout.

  9. thomas says

    Any chance of recording a hangout without having it public?
    Maybe there is a "Only with link" option for the stream?
    best, tom

  10. says

    This is the first I have heard of Google+ Hangouts and being able to record them, thanks for the tip! Have you heard about click to call and call recording software? It is imperative for a business to be able to record conversations and to be able to make a phone call with a click of a button.  

  11. says

    Great article Kim! I have just started doing Google+ Hangouts on air and am enjoying it. I like it better than recording a self video, so much more fun being able to interact with other people. Yesterday we were not watching the time and 45 minutes had passed by :)
    Look what Susan Bachelder just posted..The Show Must Go OnMy Profile

  12. says

    Hi Kim,
    As a blogger, I eventually want to have interview posts on my blog. Until G+ hangouts, I saw Skype (with recording software) as the preferred setup. It's nice that G+ records hangouts. I wonder if there are any restrictions for use of these recordings? Can they be used for info products? Can you do the same thing with Chat and limit your participants?
    I know, lots of questions. I don't really expect answers, since it's so new. But it's certainly worth exploring.

  13. says

    Kim, this was awesome, thank you.  I just found out about Google hangouts this week and joined my first one today.  I was going to poke around, to figure it out a bit more.  But now you gave me a bunch of info.  Great post, thanks.

  14. says

    Hey Kim, so question? Does the recorded version automatically upload to youtube or can I use my own editing software to include other hangouts in one video? I want to do a collab of interviews but I want to put them in the same video? Am I too far outside the box here? xoxox Edie Anne

  15. says

    We simply love your Blogs, Tweets, Facebook postings and can’t get enough of them as we say “Some Powerful Words of Wisdom to Blog by….. Let’s Hangout sometimes Google+ Hangout that is!

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