9 Best Strategies for Google+

As of December 2012, Google+ has 500 million registered users, with about half of those users being active monthly. Still think Google+ is not worth your time?

While Google+ might not be the MVP of social media (Facebook has got that title on lock down — for now), it is clear that G+ is a huge player in the social media game.

So, let’s talk strategy.

While you could just set up a Google+ account and hope that it magically grows your brand, I wouldn’t recommend that. There are strategies that you can use to further your own goals for your brand.

Here are 9 of the best strategies for Google+:

1. Link Google+ to Your Website, Blog, and Social Media Accounts

Linking your blog or website to your Google+ page will drive more traffic to it from Google, of course.

Also, linking your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and other social media accounts will drive more traffic to those sites as well.

2. Set Up Google Authorship

Google Authorship is how Google validates you as a quality source of content.

It allows you to claim your content and lets you associate your Google+ account with the bylined content that you have posted on your own site, allowing search engine users to find more content written by the same writer.

Establishing authorship can you improve your SEO ranking on Google by gaining greater exposure to more content, give you higher click-through rates, and higher visibility.

3. Add a Photo

You might be thinking, “You’re kidding me. This is a strategy?”

Yes. Yes it is.

Having a photo next to your content on Google adds a human elements to your content and increases trustworthiness, causing higher rankings and click- through rates.

4. Organize Connections with Circles

Circles (think “groups” on Facebook) allow you to organize your connections into groups. You can share content with specific groups without others seeing it.

For example, you can sort people into Circles of family, friends, school, social media influencers, entertainment, news, politics, your Thursday night book club… anything your heart desires.

5. Use Google+ Hangouts 

From a conference call with up to 10 people, to a one-on-one meeting, to broadcasting a webinar — Google+ Hangouts lets you do it all.

If you do a Hangout on Air, it is simultaneously broadcast on Google+ and YouTube and is recorded and sent to you in an email.

Hangouts can be used for more than just webinars, too. Use it for a variety of things — tutorials, product demonstrations, Q & As, panel discussions, or testimonial reviews.

6. Take Advantage of Ripples

Ripples are a feature of Google+ that allow you to see who has shared a public post and how large of an audience that person has.

Because of this, you have the capability of seeing who is able to spread your content to a larger audience. Add those people to your circles and engage with them.

7. Post Consistently and Optimize for SEO

You will rank higher on Google the more consistent, relevant, and content-based your posts are.

Use keywords not only throughout your post, but throughout your “about” page, that are likely to show up in search results. Your “about” page is an opportunity to give a quick overview of who you are, and also to link to your other websites, blogs, and social media accounts.

8. Use Hashtags

Like Twitter, Google+ uses hashtags to make searching for topics easier.

When you search for a term it will show all the stream updates that contain the same hashtag. As of right now, the search results for hashtags also show posts that mention the keyword — regardless of whether it has a hashtag or not.

9. Google+ Communities

Released in December 2012, Google+ Communities allow users to create ongoing conversations about particular topics.

There are three levels of communities: owners, moderators, and members. Owners and moderators are in charge of content — members can post content, but the moderator can delete and mark as spam.

Through other community pages, you may encounter people looking for your goods or services. You can also search current and established threads for relevant content.

Think of Google+ Communities as a gathering place for your passions — this is a way for you to seek out a specific group and target your marketing and interactions with your audience.

Do you have other strategies for using Google+? Comment below!


  1. larry says

    This is a great write up about G+ and the benefits bloggers can receive. I think many webmasters are starting to learn more and more about using Google Plus, I know I certainly am and by reading articles as this I believe we can get a better understanding as to how much G+ has to offer. Thanks for sharing this informative info. and look forward to reading more…

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this Google info. Kim.. I’ve read a lot of blogs which makes reference to Google+ but really didn’t know a lot of what the buzz was about. i already share my posts in other social media sites but Google is something I like to get more involved in.

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  4. says

    Great Google+ strategies Kim. I am an early Google+ adopter and believer. It amazes me when I see digital marketers who are not on Google+. So many benefits including SEO, more performance through authorship and the corresponding lift in click-through and segmentation by circles for relevancy are some of my favorites. I just added you to my circles and hope you will add me back ツ
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  5. Ed says

    I use google plus for my business as a professional magician and wedding entertainer. I find that brides will find my site but will also be interested in the extra media (photos) and reviews that I put up on my wedding business page.
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