Top 7 Tips for Getting More Comments on Facebook

Do you have all the Facebook comments and likes you could stand?

Somehow I’m guessing you just said no.

Not having engagement on your page puts you in good company…sort of, anyway.  It’s not uncommon for businesses to struggle with getting the kind of engagement on Facebook that they would like. But – I’m happy to tell you that there are real strategies I use with my clients to get the conversation moving quickly.  I’m excited to share a few of them with you!

1. Post updates in the morning and in the early evening

Posting updates when people are likely to be reading Facebook – like first thing in the morning – tends to get a better rate of response than updates posted during less busy times that people may or not see later.

2. Make it relevant!

This is huge! I see people blowing this one all of the time. Make sure that the content you’re posting on your Facebook page is relevant to the reason you exist as a brand. If your content doesn’t match your mission, people aren’t likely to be interested in leaving comments on posts that aren’t what they thought they’d be getting.

3. Make it valuable!

I tell everyone I coach that the key to getting people to engage (comment on, like, and share your content) is to make it useful and valuable to them. Thinking carefully about your ideal customer and what they’re likely to want. Are your customers stay at home moms? Share recipes, tastefully funny e-cards on motherhood, and tips on getting organized at home. The more specific you are about who your ideal customer is, the easier it will be to figure out what kind of content is likely to be useful and valuable.

4. Ask questions – and see which questions get a better level of response

This can vary by the audience. But sometimes yes/no questions do better, if people are in a hurry and want to give a quick answer that doesn’t require explanation.

On the other hand – asking a question that needs a little more explanation can sometimes be a better starting point for more in depth conversation. This is one area where you’ll need to try a few different kinds of question and see what works better for your audience. For example, it might be that during the work day, people are more likely to answer yes/no questions, but you might find those same people more willing to chat more in the evening. It’s always good to watch your Facebook Page Insights and see how your audience behaves.

5. Mix up your question formats

It’s easy to get stuck thinking about questions only in terms of yes/no or open ended. But there are a ton of different kinds! Try a fill in the blank question (The last book I read was ________) or post a picture (maybe cute, maybe controversial) and ask your audience to leave comments about it.

6. Let your fans be the experts

People love to feel important! One way to let them feel important is to share their own wisdom or helpful insights on how to do something. Ask your fans to share their tips for something on your Page. You’ll actually accomplish two things – you’ll boost your Facebook page engagement, and likely you’ll gain some new information right along with your readers.

7. Make sure you’re talking with your fans – not at them!

No one is on Facebook to be talked “at.” When your fans comment on your page – make sure to like their comments and return the comment! This is a great way to get a conversation started among your fans – a sign of true engagement.

Question – What’s your favorite way to get more comments on your Facebook Page? Leave a comment!


  1. says

    These all make so much sense but sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the basics! Thanks for the reminder, Kim! Asking questions seems to work a lot and sharing personal pictures brings on lots of comments! So thankful for everything I’ve already learned and continue to learn thanks to you!

  2. says

    I really like the question format. However, my attention/focus has been on focusing more of my attention on responding to comments left by fans.

  3. Beth Blacker says

    I think the most comments I get are when I show my real, human side. Like you said, people want to know they can relate to you as a person, not as a business.

  4. says

    Hi Kim, Very interesting points here. Thanks for sharing, now go for some tips to get comments on our blogs :-)indeed that is more required and getting comments on our fb pages LOLHey, the share button give at the side is overlapping the contents and itreally giving trouble to read your full text. please place that some other placeThanksPhil

  5. Marsha Brown says

    Thanks so much Kim. You are always on top of things and always extending a friendly hand and a heads-up on how to negotiate all the twists and turns of our networking world. So far, have found the most engaging posts to be purely entertaining and/or appealing to sentiment only, in nature. The moment I mention an educational topic, –zilch, nada, nothing in response. Even paid advertising brings little results. How do I get my peeps to take me seriously? How did YOU do it?

  6. Marco Novo says

    Thank you for the article. Really helpful tips!!! My favorite ones were the ones who mean audience opinion and interaction. They mean lots of value due two things, in my opinion:

    1)People feels they can join the conversation, and its about them!
    2)When they express their opinion, make suggestions, comment, and so on, you get very awesome insights about your followers, in his/her own voice, priceless!!!

    Thanks again, Kim!!!

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