Why You Should Have A Google+ Branded Business Page

What Does A Google+ Branded Business Page Mean For Your Business?

Ever since Google unveiled Google+ as its counter to Facebook, business owners worldwide have been buzzing about what it means for them. Every time Google makes design changes to their platform, the buzz starts again.

Do I need a business page on Google+? What should I do? What can this mean to my business?

When Google added business pages, they reinforced the reality that that they are serious about building a huge social media network. 

I have been doing some exploring of my own, and one thing is clear: Google for businesses now means much more than search engine optimization and places! There’s a whole lot to discover, but with the opportunity to create a real Google business page through Google+ comes a lot of new techniques for connecting with our clients and prospects.

What’s up with the Google pages for businesses? Let’s talk about that…  

A Google Business Page Means New Opportunities To Connect

The idea behind the Google business page is that it acts a lot like business pages already found on Facebook. It’s a place for you to explain what your business is all about. You can talk about what you do and how you do it. You can talk about your local area, and how your local business enriches that area. I like to think of your Google business page (and Facebook page, et cetera) as a little mini-website. Condense the most important stuff from your regular website, and that’s exactly what you should be posting on your Google business page.  

When you connect to Google for businesses and create your first page, you gain access to the entire network of people currently using Google+. When you consider how many users Google+ has after only a few months, and how it’s continued to grow since then, that’s a huge number of potential new customers! In all likelihood, many of them haven’t heard of your business before, and at least a few of them will be using Google for businesses to find a company that does exactly what you do. When you create your Google business page, you’ll be able to reach these people and start a conversation with them.

Why Can’t I Just Stick With My Current Facebook Business Page?

It’s certainly tempting not to bother with a Google business page when you already have one on Facebook. Who has time to set up a duplicate, right? Well, they’re not really duplicates – trust me, you need and want to have both. Having a Google business page introduces a new way to connect with your potential client base: a 10 person video chat option called “Hangouts.” Although 10 people doesn’t seem like much, if you’re able to record a stream and broadcast it later, or arrange a larger chat if needed (although that requires working directly with Google, at least for the moment) it can be a pretty powerful tool. There are plans to expand this feature of Google for businesses in the future, so stay tuned!

In addition, Google for businesses gives you the opportunity to connect with new users and entire groups of people who might not otherwise have found you. Not everyone who uses Google for businesses is going to use to use Facebook as well. By having a presence on both, you’re available to the widest possible audience – and that can only be a good thing!

In time, we’ll learn more about how to use Google for businesses. Google will keep adding features and evolving to meet the specific needs of businesses, so stay tuned for my tips on how to make the most of your Google business page!


  1. Jo Laplace says

    Thank you so much for sharing and showing me the benefits of google branding as well or in conjunction with Face Book.  Your knowledge combined with your writing talents keep me and others truly informed.  Wishing you an amazing day!
    You Can Do Social

  2. KellyEllzey says

    I can attest to the benefits of a posting your articles on Google Plus: My honey swears he gets ranked in the search engines higher and that is makes a huge difference the more he uses Google Plus.

  3. says

    I have my branded business page set up, but have to admit its a little slow going. Thanks for the encouragement, especially the info about being connected to the wider Google web presence.

  4. says

    You've convinced me…and I was waffling a bit on this one.  It seems my Google connections aren't growing very fast.  But once you mentioned the chance to really describe what I do in business from a Google+ Bizz Page it makes sense.  Besides, I LOVE the graphic interface, the amazing way pictures and videos show up on Google +  I think you are right…it's going to continue to get bigger and better!  :-)  Thanks for outlining this for me!  

  5. DaisySutherland says

    Great post as usual! Now I will scour through your site to figure out how to create my business page on google +!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us:)

  6. says

    Thanks, Kim. It makes sense that Google+ Business Page would help your search engine ranks. I started my page and will start to add content. I hope Hootsuite will catch up soon so it will be easier to post!

  7. says

    I'm just getting the hang of Google+, but you make some valid (and strong) reasons why every business should have a page.  I think you hit the nail on the head too:  it IS a game changer for sure!  Thanks…

  8. says

    Thanks Kim, you convinced me from day one that a Google+ business page was essential for the future.  I was reluctant to get into "yet another" social media obligation, but I must say that the more I use Google+, the more I like it.  I'm starting to go to my business page there before I go to my FB page!

  9. Carol Giambri says

    Great article and now time to think of self for google + business page for hubby's seasonal business local and myself.  You always share great info.  Kim.  Thanks.

  10. says

    About five minutes before reading this, I was thinking to myself, "I should really look into a business page on Google+".  I didn't even search for this post, but am so glad that I found it.  Thanks for the great info, as always. 

  11. says

    I'm torn about adding another platform to manage; your article does make sense of why I should and I will have to think about how and when I will make the leap. Thanks for sharing!

  12. says

    I agree Kim and preach google likes their own products and indexing is effected by it. I learned that back in the 90's with a sad little first attempt at a bloggler blog. That  sad blog helped me index 2 of my sales sites to the top of a very competitive searches. I believe Google plus one will do the same and is a must for businesses that are looking to index well in Google search.

  13. Christer Edman says

    I couldn't agree more and you have always some Great points and pick up the latest. I am personally a little bit behind how to utilize the page and my personal profile best. I see G+ with it's circles as an efficient tool for collecting and categorizing contacts and update without really knowing them as a BIG market place to reach out. This have to be done very carefully and especially since I update my contacts in Gmail and sometimes choose to inform customers or partners news…

  14. Allison Kovacevic says

    Already made a personal page on Google + but seems so intimidating to make a business page.  Thank you for simplifying.  Will dedicate the time now.

  15. says

    Completely agree!

    One of the hardest things for me to get across to other business owners is the need to be using Google+ and not just for the SEO benefits. Great article Kim.

  16. says

    Hmmmm I have a G+ business page but never use it….should I be using that instead? I am still finding G+ more difficult & time consuming to engage with people, I am using it daily but don’t really like it!

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