12 Quick and Easy Tips to Mastering Google Search

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Are you using google machine the correct way when it comes to searching for stuff? If you’re like me, you are using google daily to search for a variety of things. However, did you know there was a way to use google to find items quicker and easier?

Below are 12 tips to help you use google more efficiently and you can be considered a google expert.

1.  Specific Phrase

If you are looking for specific content on social media for example or social media marketing it’s best to use a specific phrase in the search box enclosed with double quotes.

Example: instead of: social media marketing 

                do this: “social media marketing

2.  Site Specific

There are times you will want to search a specific site for content but the site doesn’t support or contains a built in search feature you can find the information you need by using the following modifier. Use “site: site name.com” modifier

Example: “social media marketing” site:www.mashable.com

3.  Exclude Words

If you are searching for content related to social media marketing but don’t necessarily want content that includes the term advertising you can use the “-” in front of the term or word you want to exclude.

Example: social media marketing -advertising

4.  Similar Words

If during your search you’d like to include words that are similar or synonyms you can use the following symbol “~” in front of the word.

Example: “social media marketing” ~expert

5.  Definitions

Did you know you could find definitions quickly using google search? Simply use the “define:” command.

Example: define:fastidious

6.  Document Types

Perhaps you are searching results that are for a specific type, you can use the following modifier “filetype:” For example if you are searching for only Power Point presentations on the topic of social media marketing you would search in the following format.

Example: “social media marketing” filetype:ppt

7.  Phone Listings

Ever get those annoying calls on your mobile device and you have no idea who is calling you? Now you can look it up on Google using the phonebook feature.

Example: phonebook:888-967-5309 (input the number that comes up on your phone, this is merely an example)

8.   Area Code Lookup

If you are looking wondering where a particular area code is from, simply input the area code and Google will tell you where it’s from

Example: 202

9.   This OR That

When you are searching on Google, by default it will include all terms that are specific to  the search. If you are searching for more than one term to match you can use the OR operator. Notice that the OR must be capitalized.

Example: social media marketing OR advertising

10.   Numeric Ranges

If what you are searching for contains a range of numbers, perhaps years or prices you can search using the following modifier, X..Y  This type of search is useful when you are in a need of a series of numbers.

Example: president 1960..1980 (notice there are two periods between the numbers)

11.  Calculator

Instead of pulling out your calculator or mobile device for a quick calculation you can use the Google search for your answer.

Example: 7892 * 3.02

12.  Stock (Ticker Symbol)

Are you curious how your stocks or current financials are doing? Simply enter a valid ticker symbol as your search term and Google will provide a thumb-nail chart for the stock you are searching.

Example: FB  (the ticker symbol for Facebook)

Now you can use the Google search just like a Google expert using the tips provided. Any questions or perhaps tips you can add please let me know.

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Kerry Postel
Kerry Postel
12 years ago

Thanks Kim – great info. I didn't know about all those things you can do to help a search – will definitely by using those. Thanks

Kim Hawkins
Kim Hawkins
12 years ago

I had not heard of the "this or that" or the "document types"; I love define and use it frequently. Thanks for the mini-refresher tips.

Olga Hermans
Olga Hermans
12 years ago

oh!! I like this, I bet I know more than my son now; he is a great researcher and he knows all these little things…I will tell him a few and see who comes up with the most 🙂 Thanks Kim…this is worth printing…

Stacy Stevens
Stacy Stevens
12 years ago

Thank you Kim! These are some of the best time saving tips!! 

Edmund Lee
Edmund Lee
12 years ago

So many great tips and tools for google.  The "document type" search definitely comes in handy.   That and the site specific search as well =)

Mandy Edwards
Mandy Edwards
12 years ago

Ooooh, thanks Kim!  Some of these I had no idea about!!!

Kate Perry
Kate Perry
12 years ago

Talk about the APP Highlight video on Mashables.com thanks. Have a Great Weekend. Truly Kate Perry

8 years ago

Great tips! Thanks for sharing it my friend. I use only the “+” , “-” and “OR” tricks.I haven’t used some other tricks like numeric ranges,Ticker Symbol.I’ll try to use it 🙂

anoop r
anoop r
3 years ago

very use full information. Thank you.

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