21 Types of Blog Posts That Get People Talking

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Types of blog posts that get people talking

Do you ever sit down to write a blog post and come up blank?

Are you tired of writing posts that no one seems to care about?

Do you need ideas for the types of blog posts that will get people commenting and sharing?

Then read on!

21 Types of Blog Posts That Increase Engagement

1. The question post

A blog post doesn't have to be lengthy to be engaging! Pose a question to your readers that will get them thinking. Some ideas for questions could be:

  • What questions can I answer for you on my blog?
  • What are your thoughts on x? (Preferably a controversial or hot topic)
  • What would you do in this situation?

2. The issue post

Every niche has ‘hot', trending or controversial issues. Get in on the discussion by writing an overview of an issue that people are passionate about. You don't even have to take a side – simply covering all angles of an issue can be enough to get people talking.

3. The “caption this photo” post

These are great for when you're running short on time but still want to publish something for your readers.

Find a funny or interesting photo using Google Image search and ask your readers to give it a caption. You would want to ask permission and give credit to whatever photo you choose. Alternatively, you can zoom in on an everyday object and ask readers to guess what it is.

4. The top 100 list

Write a long list of the top 100 authors, websites, ideas, foods, strategies, problems, FAQ's, or anything else that would be relevant to your niche.

5. The poll post

A poll or survey post is a fantastic way to get people commenting on your blog. Ask your readers for feedback on an issue and then promise to share the results.

6. The “did you know” post

Share a list of little-known facts about your industry or niche. For instance, ‘Did you know that the first company to x was…'?

7. The reader question post

Chances are, a reader has asked you a difficult question in your blog comments or on social media. Pose the question to your readers and ask for their help in answering it (just be sure to keep it anonymous unless you have permission to share!)

8. The top 10 list of websites post

Compile a list of the top 10 websites in your niche, and then contact the owners of the sites to let them know. You may even want to come up with a simple badge or seal you can send to them to put on their website (hello, free link!).

9. The giveaway post

Giveaways and contests are a great way to get people commenting and linking. Give bonus entries for sharing on social media, and linking to the contest from their website.

10. The social media conversation post

If you have a good conversation going on social media, or if a particular comment or tweet has received a lot of shared, retweets, etc., carry on the conversation on your blog.

11. The response post

Respond to a controversial post that someone else has written. Don't be controversial just for controversy's sake, but if it's something you truly disagree with, be an active voice in the conversation.

12. The meme post

Capitalize on the popularity of memes by posting a collection on your blog.

13. The inspirational image post

This is another quick and easy one. Find a quote you know your readers will love, and make a graphic out of it. You can either overlay the text over a stock photo, or even just write the quote on a plain background.

You can of course just write the quote in text. However, making it into an image will likely elicit many more shares.

14. The tongue-in-cheek post

Basically, write the exact opposite of what people expect, what you believe, or what common sense dictates.

You're likely to get some flack from your more serious readers, but those with a healthy sense of humor are sure to appreciate it.

15. The personal ‘about me' post

Your personal information doesn't have to be contained to your ‘About Us' page. Give your readers a chance to see inside your life, and learn why you started your blog.

16. The insider's look at your business post

Write a post – or even a series of posts – covering ‘a day in the life' of your business. Include employee photos, write about common problems or issues you face during the day, or profile a loyal customer.

17. The best posts from around the web post

Choose an issue, and then find all the best posts on the web that cover that topic. This can end up being a great reference post for anyone looking to get up to speed on a particular topic.

18. The how to post

Chances are, you're an expert at something. Share your knowledge and experience by creating a detailed ‘how to' post. Include video, screenshots, and photos wherever possible.

19. The handwritten post

This is a fun one. Just to change things up a bit, write out a post by hand (providing you remember how to do this!), scan it, and post it to your blog.

20. The people to follow post

List all the most influential and interesting people in your niche or industry to follow on social media. Don't forget to include yourself 🙂

21. The statistics post

Collect industry-related research and statistics from reputable sources and compile a comprehensive list. This is sure to be a great reference post for other bloggers in your niche.

And there you have it! 21 types of blog posts to inspire you the next time you're drawing a blank.

If you're looking for more blogging inspiration, check out my post on 5 blogging techniques to never start without!

What are some other post ideas that you've found to be popular? Share with us below!

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Gregory Boyajian
Gregory Boyajian
10 years ago

Good article. Thank you

10 years ago

Thank you for posting this list I will be trying a few of these. I have done a few how to posts recently and they have gotten the most comments.

10 years ago

You can never underestimate the power of a ‘how to’ post for driving traffic!

Carissa Pelletier
Carissa Pelletier
10 years ago

I’m bookmarking this. I have been stuck on the “what to write for the first blog post” problem for months. Too much pressure! I think I’ll try one of these…maybe the handwritten note one – great idea!

Marie Leslie
Marie Leslie
10 years ago

Great post,, Kim. I am definitely bookmarking this one for those days when the creative well is running dry.

Shelley Webb
Shelley Webb
10 years ago

I loved this post. I am writing for so many people right now that I find it difficult to come up with topics. I’m printing this out and framing it! 🙂

10 years ago

Love this, thank you so much! I wish it had a pinnable image so I could refer back to it often!

Kim Garst
Kim Garst
10 years ago

That’s why I say “You would want to ask permission and give credit to whatever photo you choose.”

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