5 Tools for Reviewing Social Media Performance

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Reviewing your performance on social media regularly is essential to ensure you are investing and not wasting any time.

By measuring your performance on a regular basis you will be able to set some goals to achieve better results.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” – Edward Deming”

Here are 5 Tools to help review your performance on social media.  If you action at least a couple of items on this post then it will be worthwhile for your business.

1. Evaluate Your Facebook Page Using Likealzyer

Facebook Insights is an analytics tool provided by Facebook which is very comprehensive but can also be difficult to understand.

LikeAlyzer is a tool that assesses your Facebook page and gives you recommendations for making improvements.  While it is a basic tool and very easy to use, if you do follow the recommendations you will get more engagement on your page and this means more people will see your content.

With LikeAlzyer you simply enter the name of your Facebook and LikeAlyzer produces an easy to understand report.  You will get a rating out of 100 and a guideline on some improvements you can make.


Figure 1 – 94 out of 100 is a very high score but you can see that the engagement rate on the page is extremely high also

Within LikeAlzyer you can also view other Facebook pages that were assessed and this will give you some ideas from pages that get higher scores.

Action:  Go to LikeAlyzer and enter in your Facebook page and get a report.   Action the results of the report!

2. Monitor Your Goal Conversions Using Google Analytics

Analytics is essential for your website and Google analytics is free and extremely useful.

Within Google analytics you can set up goals to determine what happens traffic when it arrives on your site.  If your goal is to get email subscribers you would set up a goal to track this and then Google will show you the conversion rate from each social media platform.

In the goals section of Google analytics specify a web page on your website that visitors reach when you have achieved the goal.  For example, if you get an e-mail subscriber send them to a thank you page.  When they arrive on that page Google will track this as a goal achieved.


Figure 2 Set up goals in the profile section of analytics and specify that the goal is achieved when the visitor arrives on the thank you page

Once this is set up Google will start tracking where you are getting your best conversions from.  In the example below the best conversion rate is 4.24% from Facebook so this is certainly a platform worth investing time in.


Figure 2 Google will show you where you are getting the best conversions

 Action:  Review your goals set up within Google analytics.  If you don’t have goals set up then try them out!

3.Analyze you and your Competitors Content using Social Crawlytics

If you want to see a snapshot of how you or your competitors content is performing on social media use Social Crawlytics.

Enter in the website address and Social Crawlytics will analyze the site and display very useful information such as the total shares on all the posts, the posts with the most shares, the posts with the least shares, and much more.

It is very useful to see what type of content is resonating with your audience and also to see what type of content is or isn’t resonating with your competitor’s audience.



Figure 4 In this diagram you can see a breakdown of where your content is shared and what is the most effective type of posts

Action – Run a report on your website and your competitors and analyze the content and channels that work or don't work!

4. Review Performance of Your Twitter Account using Twitonomy

Twitonomy provides a free service for analyzing your Twitter account.  It will show you items such as:

  • Who you are retweeting the most
  • What has been your most popular tweets
  • How many tweets you are sending
  • What percentage of tweets have links
  • …and much more.

Sign in via Twitter and you’ll see reports similar to the following.



Figure 5 Twitonomy provides some really interesting reports about your twitter account

These comprehensive reports will give you an indicator on what is working or not working through twitter.

Action:  Run Twitonomy on your twitter profiles, make relevant changes and run the report again in a couple of weeks time.

5. Review your online presence using Hubspot Marketing Grader

Hubspot provide a free tool to assess the performance of your website and social media presence.

You enter in your website address and e-mail to the Hubspot Marketing Grading tool and it will give you a grading out of 100.

As part of the report it will review your blog, social media presence and overall website.

Action:  Run the Hubspot marketing grader against your website and make relevant changes to improve results.

These are just 5 tools that will help you monitor and improve your performance for social media.  Which ones will you action?  What do you use to monitor your performance on social media?

We would love to hear your comments below.

ian2Ian Cleary is a social media tools and social media technology specialist.  He is a recognized social media speaker and his blog was recently named as one of the top blogs in the annual Social Media Examiner blog awards.  To learn more about social media tools and technology, follow Ian’s blog on RazorSocial or connect with Ian on Google plus.

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