5 Top Tips to Become More Productive During the Day

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We are all very busy with work and our everyday live. Yes, very easily other things can distract us during the day and sometimes it can take us hours to get back to work. I am a Virtual Assistant and I always plan my working day in the evening for the next day. I personally like having a plan for the day or even a week ahead.

But, I will be honest with you; different things around me can easily distract me. If you feel the same, here are my 5 tips that will help you to stay on top of the things and be productive throughout the day.

#1 – Get rid of the mess

Any mess can create more stress and this is a fact! So make sure that your office or your room is cosy, comfortable and warm.  You may want to add colours or flowers, but make sure that you feel happy where you work, as this is the place where the magic will happen. So clean out the clutter in your room and you will get more done.

#2 – Limit time on emails

Have definite times during the day when you check your emails, it is a good idea to switch off your email alerts. However, if you are a morning person, check your emails in the afternoon and in the morning concentrate on the things on your to do list.

#3 – Don’t procrastinate

Don’t put off doing things that you dislike. Try to focus on each task for 25 minutes and see how far you have got with it. If something didn’t work out for the first time, try again tomorrow and if you are still not happy with the results, remember you can always outsource the work.

Always concentrate on what you CAN do and stay focused throughout the day.

#4 –Distractions around you

As I mentioned before, it is so easily to get distracted, especially when you have family around. To get things done this means we must stay focused. So when you work on something think about the results that you will have once you complete the project.

I don’t really watch TV but if you do, I would suggest give it away. By watching TV all the time, you will only lose time, the time that you could be investing in your business.

#5 – Your time

I know it will sound strange but don’t be available to everyone. Limit yourself to people that you will talk to or write to. You need to save energy and that means cutting off people that you don’t need to talk to on a daily basis. That is not easy to do but remember – Less distractions and remain focused will lead you to massive results.

You can find me live every day on my Facebook fan page, so if you have any questions come and ask me there.

In the meantime would love to have your comments on this post.

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James Samy
James Samy
10 years ago

Thank you, Kim, for this simple and powerful tips. It is not easy but achievable. All can be done the right attitude and mindset. Love coming here and reading your post

David Lynch
David Lynch
10 years ago

Hi, I notice you mention 25 minutes specifically, and I think that’s interesting, as I have experimented with time blocks and find that 25 minutes is the perfect work “block.” I use a Google Chrome extension (free) called Strict Workflow, which is a Pomodoro timer. It’s set for 25 minutes of work followed by a 5 minute break. It blocks access to social media during the 25 minutes, and as my GMail is set to only allow new mail every hour, it means zero distraction. Well worth trying out and a valuable time management tool.

Eva Sheryl
Eva Sheryl
10 years ago

I like this blog.I’m really glad I have found this information. This post is really helpful for us.

8 years ago

I like it thanks for the advice.

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