5 Ways to Build a Kick Booty List Using Periscope

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Building a list is incredibly important and yet so many business owners don't slow down long enough to build one or apply much focus to it, but it's truly the life blood of your business! It's even more important to drive your social media followers to your list since you don't own your Facebook fans, your Twitter and Instagram followers, etc. but you DO own your list!

So why do you want to build your list? There are many reasons! I get 85% of my sales from my list. That's right, 85%! I never would have been able to do that by marketing directly from Periscope. Instead I continually invite my Periscope followers to my list in some unique and creative ways.

If you aren't sure how to start building your own kick booty list using Periscope, then here are five suggestions that may work for you:

5 Ways to Build a Kick Booty List Using Periscope

1. Add a link to a freemium in your bio

On Periscope, you can put a clickable link in your bio. Many simply drop in a link to their website but why not be creative and use that link opportunity in a different way.  Why not use that opportunity to send your followers to your freemium? That way, people actually opt in to get something of value instead of just sending them to your website.

Quick note…when you add the link to your bio, make sure you include the http before the website. It has to be the full link. Another quick must know…the link won't show up as a clickable link for you but it does for anyone else who views your bio.

You can also create a shortened link using a tool like Bit.ly. If you create a Bit.ly account then you can actually customize your bit.ly links.


2. Scope about your freemium

The key to this tip is to weave your freemium into your scope in a non-salesy way.

One way to do this is to mention your freemium during your scope if it relates to what you're talking about. I have done this during the Q&A portion of my scopes if someone mentions they just started using Periscope or aren't sure how to use it for their business. I would typically say something like:

“I know a lot of you are probably not really sure if you want to leverage Periscope yet for your business. If you're not, my free Periscope Jumpstart Guide might give you some more inside knowledge on how to use the app and grow your business. Go grab it at kimgarst.com/periscope101.”

This is just one way where you could highlight the value of your free offer. Another is to make it part of your introduction at the beginning of your scopes. In this case, don't go into a long, drawn out description of what it is but just mention it in passing. It also goes without saying that it should be something value-based to your viewers.

3. Build a community using special content offers

This is similar to the example I just mentioned, except you are also provide additional value in order to build not only your list but a community.

I do this with my #perischool community. I mention to my viewers that they can go to perischool.training to get my free Jumpstart Guide as well as access to some of the things that I have planned for perischool going forward like special videos, downloads, etc.

Again, I'm building the community around the hashtag perischool. There are others out there like Mark Shaw's #tagtribes and the #perigirls communities.

You can do the same thing by using your own hashtag and then giving value around that hashtag so that people opt into to be part of the community. It does take a little bit more work, but is worth it to build an engaged community.


4. Host a contest or giveaway

Traditionally, contests or giveaways have been attached to an opt in, right? You have to give your email address in order to be entered to win the contest or giveaway.

You could put an opt in page on your website or even on your Facebook fan page. What I mean by that is you can build out an app on your Facebook page or use a tool like Heyo to do it for you. It's essentially a landing page. You highlight what you're giving away or your contest and then people opt in to win. While they're there, you can make them like your fan page as part of the contest as well.

I love doing the fan page simply because that's what I call a twofer because you can add new fans to your fan page as well as another email to your list! Why not take advantage of  this double marketing opportunity?

You could also build a straight up landing page on your website. A landing page is basically just a place that people go to that, again, highlights what you're giving away and has an area where people opt in for an opportunity to win.

Leadpages.net is a great resource if you are looking for a plug and play system. They do integrate with a lot of the mail systems out there like MailChimp and Aweber, etc.

5. Use your blog

What does that mean? Well we are (or should be) driving traffic to our blog on a regular basis so why not use some of the great real estate on your blog posts by leveraging your sidebar to share a freebie?

Your website visitors are a captive audience, but if you don't capture them while they're there, i.e. get them to opt in to your list, chances are they're not just going to just bump into your content, and they're certainly not going to get your newsletter or your email that you send out routinely, because you don't know who they are!

By getting them onto your list you can communicate with them consistently and build out that relationship and ultimately, when you have something to market, you'll have somebody that you already know is interested in your products and services.


Bonus Tip #1: Content Upgrade

Have you ever heard of the term content upgrade? A content upgrade is essentially giving more related content as a bonus.

There are a couple of ways that you could do it. You could say, “Here's five tips and if you would like five more tips then visit…” and set up an opt in landing page wherever you are sending that traffic.

For example, whenever I post a blog about Facebook I also show an opt in at the bottom of that post that gives more information on something Facebook related like a freemium. Again, many will opt in to get that information.

Bonus Tip #2: Webinars

We've all heard of webinars, right? We've probably all been on webinars. Why not harness the power of Periscope to drive more traffic to a webinar?

You can set up your webinar and market it just as you normally would, however, I would also announce it on Periscope and actually Periscope the webinar itself. I have done this a couple of times now and I call it a Scopinar…even trademarked it and everything!

My point is, you guys could do a traditional training and have people opt in for that training. Then, come on Periscope, advertise it in advance, let people know that you're doing it, and they'll opt in to come be a part of that experience.

Like I mentioned before, if you aren't building your list then you are missing out on a key piece community and relationship building opportunity as well as tons of sales! Using any or all of these ways to build a kick booty list using Periscope will get your list growing and give you a new group of people to start marketing and providing value to.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list that have worked to build your own email list using Periscope? I would love to hear about them below!

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7 years ago

Good article.Creatively formed the 5 ways to build a kick booty list using periscope.Thank you for sharing this.

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