50 Ways to Get Out of Your Twitter Rut and Into the Fast Lane

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50 Ways to Get Out of Your Twitter Rut and Into the Fast Lane

Spice it Up! 50 Ways to Get Out of Your Twitter Rut and Into the Fast Lane

Are even YOU tired of listening to yourself on Twitter? Are your tweets stale, boring and lacking the luster they once had? Did you get your last new follower way back last summer?

Well how would you like some tips for getting your Twitter mojo back?

Following are 50 ways to get out of your Twitter rut and back into the fast lane!

1. Participate in #followfriday: Tell your followers who is worth following, and find some fresh new faces you can follow too! <<<Tweet this>>>

2. Use WeFollow or Twellow.com to find prominent people in your niche or industry to follow.

3. Use Twitter’s advanced search to find fellow Twitter users in your town. <<<Tweet this>>>

4. Read the bios of some of your followers and engage in a conversation with them based on what you learned. <<<Tweet this>>>

5. Find a local tweetup using tweetvite and get to know other business owners in your neighborhood.

6. For a little fun, change up your avatar depending to match the season (e.g. wearing a Santa hat at Christmas, holding a cut out heart at Valentines). Social media should be FUN!

7. Use Hootsuite to search for and respond to brand and product mentions. <<<Tweet this>>>

8. Visit Trendsmap to find out what topics are trending locally on Twitter.

9. Make a goal of retweeting at least 5 interesting tweets each day. <<<Tweet this>>>

10. Make sure your bio is complete, including location, website and interests. <<<Tweet this>>>

11. Ask your followers a question, and then make a point of responding or DM’ing to each person who answers!

12. Tweet a favorite quote. <<<Tweet this>>>

13. Connect your Twitter account to Klout.

14. If you don’t currently use hashtags, give it a try! Here’s a helpful post to get you started. <<<Tweet this>>>

15. Find a Twitter chat to join using Twubs.

16. @mention someone you admire.

17. Post a picture of your pet.

18. Tweet an interesting fact or statistic, starting off with, “Did you know…” <<< Tweet this>>>

19. Create or organize your Twitter lists.

20. Use Unfollowers.me to find out who has unfollowed you.

21. Choose a theme for the day, and make all your tweets relate to that theme.

22. Follow back new followers who look interesting.

23. Think about your followers before you tweet: what information or content are they likely to be looking for? What is useful and gives them value?

24. Tell a surprising personal fact about yourself! <<< Tweet this >>>

25. Share a photo of your office or workspace.

26. Give a referral for someone on Twitter.

27. Offer a flash discount exclusively for your Twitter followers. <<< Tweet this >>>

28. Use Hashtagify.me to find relevant hashtags to follow and use.

29. Set a timer to monitor your Twitter use so you don’t overdo it! <<< Tweet this >>>

30. Invite your email subscribers to connect with you on Twitter. <<< Tweet this >>>

31. Live tweet at an in-person event.

32. Make sure you add your location to your bio so locals can find you. <<< Tweet this >>>

33. Thank people who have retweeted your posts. <<< Tweet this >>>

34. Create a new Twitter background using TwitBacks or contact us! We create beautiful Twitter backgrounds!

35. Add a tweet box to your website to show up-to-date tweets.

36. Schedule some tweets for a time when you will be away from your computer.

37. Use Twitter Discover to discover trending topics, tweets and to find new content and people to follow.

38. Set up tweet alerts on your smartphone so you are notified when certain people tweet. <<< Tweet this >>>

39. Check your website analytics to see how much of your traffic is from Twitter referrals.

40. Use Twitaholic to find the most popular Twitter users to follow.

41. Use Twtpoll to create a survey for your followers.

42. Offer your followers free access to one of your info-products.

43. Ask for recommendations for service providers like graphic designers, accountants, etc.

44. Seek out and reach out to current customers who aren’t following you. <<< Tweet this >>>

45. Use Twitter search to find people looking for help. Search for a keyword related to your industry and the word ‘help’. <<< Tweet this >>>

46. Find out what people are saying about your competitors using Twazzup.

47. Connect your LinkedIn account with your Twitter account.

48. Search for mentions of your name and engage in the conversation.

49. Ask your followers for feedback on your business and/or products.

50. I’m leaving the most important tip for last: don't use Twitter for direct sales pitches constantly! Be a good Twitter citizen by retweeting other’s posts, responding to questions and comments, and offering great content. Follow the 80/20 rule on the marketing message!  <<< Tweet this >>>

What’s missing from this list? What are some other tips for getting out of your Twitter rut? Share below!

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Kim Garst
Kim Garst
10 years ago

You will, sweetie! How are you??

Kim Garst
Kim Garst
10 years ago

Meg, glad to hear these were helpful 🙂

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Kim Garst
Kim Garst
8 years ago

Most of my content is personal experience.

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