6 Crazy Easy Ways To Convert Instagram Visitors To Your List

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6 Crazy Easy Ways To Convert Instagram Visitors To Your List
6 Crazy Easy Ways To Convert Instagram Visitors To Your List

Are you struggling to see results from your efforts on Instagram? You are not alone. Many business owners use the platform, but aren’t really sure how to incorporate it into their overall marketing or sales funnels. This article offers 6 crazy easy ways to convert Instagram visitors to your email list. Once you have some solid strategies in place to get these visitors into your marketing funnel, you can use Instagram knowing all your hard work is worthwhile!

6 Crazy Easy Ways to Convert Instagram Visitors to Your List

1. Create a dedicated landing page just for your Instagram followers.

Whenever you direct your Instagram visitors to your website, make sure you are sending them to a landing page customized just for them.

In your page copy, be sure to recognize and acknowledge that your visitors are from Instagram (for instance, “A warm welcome to my new Instagram followers”).

The most importance aspect of this page will be your opt-in incentive. Make sure the page includes a compelling offer that will entice them to sign up for your list; this could be a free eBook, infographic or anything else that would make them want to hand over their email address.

2. Post a video greeting on your landing page.

Assuming you have now set up a landing or ‘squeeze’ page for your Instagram visitors, creating a short video greeting or introduction can be a great way to help build a personal connection with your visitors. This doesn’t have to be (nor should be) anything elaborate: just a simple greeting, along with a brief explanation of why your visitors should sign up for your email list.

For instance, as a graphic designer, you might say: “Sign up now and I’ll tell you my secret to creating amazing graphics using only free tools!”.

3. Promote a webinar on Instagram.

Creative Live with Kim Garst and Sue B. Zimmerman

Create a short video explaining and promoting an upcoming free webinar, and share it on Instagram.

Make sure to talk about the key benefit(s) your followers will receive from the webinar (for instance, “You will learn how to get new customers without ever having to make another cold call.”). When people click through to learn more, be sure to direct them to a webinar-specific landing page that asks people to opt-in to receive their invitation.

4. Take photos of gated content and share them on Instagram.

If you offer ‘gated’ content on your site – for instance white papers, eBooks or a members-only section – take screenshots and share them on your Instagram account. This can pique the interest of your followers, and give them a taste of what they can get simply by joining your list.

5. Share a digital coupon.

Instagram Coupon
Photo courtesy of marmusa22

Instagram is a great channel for offering coupons.

Not only can coupons drive traffic and sales, they can help build your email list. If email opt-ins are your goal, be sure to make joining your list a condition of receiving the coupon code. In my experience, in order for this to work, you need to offer a BIG discount: people aren’t usually going to click through to your site and hand over their email for a 5-10% discount!

6. Promote a contest on Instagram.

Although Instagram contests aren’t used as much as Facebook contests, they can still be a great source of new email subscribers.

When promoting a contest on Instagram, be sure to make leaving a valid email address an entry requirement.

Just like with coupons, make sure the prize is attractive (and expensive!) enough to warrant handing over an email address. Remember that once people sign up for your list, you can contact them each time you launch a new product or promotion; so offering a big prize now can lead to long-term, repeat sales in the long run!

There you are! 6 crazy easy ways to convert Instagram visitors to your list! Which ones are you going to get started with?

Do you have a strategy in place to convert your Instagram followers and visitors to your email list? Share your best tips with us below!

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9 years ago

thanks for the post.i can use all the technique in my blog

Kim Garst
9 years ago

Love this idea, Nathan!

Kim Garst
9 years ago

Instagram is growing like crazy, Ben. I would definitely start to dip your toe in there and see what you can do with hit.

Kim Garst
9 years ago

I agree, John!

Kim Garst
9 years ago

It’s not about the #’s as it is about the quality of the #’s, in my opinion. Value based marketers are going to be winners in 2015, again, in my opinion 🙂

Kim Garst
9 years ago

I do think it’s possible, Mick. Education and humor dispelling some of the fears around your niche would be great places to start.

Kim Garst
9 years ago

Hashtags are HUGE on Instagram! Totally agree with you 🙂

9 years ago

All fantastic tips that work amazingly well! Thanks, Kim!

Kim Garst
8 years ago


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