7 Holiday Infographics for Your Marketing Campaigns

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You’ve probably noticed that things are starting to look more festive lately. Twinkling lights have gone up around the city, holiday music is being played in every mall, and wallets are starting to feel lighter as people start their holiday shopping. So what do holiday infographics have to do any of this?

As much as we love the holidays, they also tend to herald an annual season of stress. As a business owner, you want to find a way to alleviate consumers’ stress while also driving more traffic to your site by presenting it as the solution to their holiday quandaries.

There is a great way you can do this: an infographic.

Infographics present information in one visually interesting, easy to digest graphic. They are incredibly shareable and make for great reference pages. Here are:

7 Holiday Infographics for Your Marketing Campaigns

1. The Calendar Infographic

As soon as Thanksgiving is over and December 1st hits, the countdown to the holidays begins. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapati or anything else, you will probably find yourself budgeting your time to fit everything into this busy month. A calendar infographic appeals to the busy nature of the holiday season.

Calendar infographics are a great way for businesses to visualize promotional campaigns for December. For example, if your business is doing a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, you can share a calendar infographic for information about each day of the promotion. The visual counting down of days feeds into the excitement of the season and will encourage people to want to participate.

Calendar Info

Image: Lisa Moffa  

2. The Gift Guide Infographic

This one is a give-in. Showcase your business’s top gift options with an attractive infographic! Gift guide infographics will typically feature an image of each product with a very short description and the listed price. Consider it a condensed, one-page catalogue.

It’s a good idea for your gift guide infographic to target a certain audience. For example, “10 Gift Ideas For Your Outdoorsy Friend” or “Gifts For Smart Kids.” The more specific your infographic, the more likely people will be to share it, as it will provide greater value than a more general infographic.

Gift Guide

3. The Checklist Infographic

Have you installed your winter tires? Do you have all the ingredients needed for your Christmas dinner? Are you properly equipped for staying with the in-laws? A checklist infographic is a fun way to inspire people with new ideas for the holidays, and to show your customers or clients that you care about their well-being and success this holiday season.

Choose a specific theme or task and list different tools, rituals, and steps needed to complete it. This kind of infographic offers you the opportunity to incorporate your products or services into the list in a relevant and valuable way.


Image: BrightNest Pinterest


Image: Tina Volkmer

4. The Thematic List Infographic

Whether it’s “12 Holiday Books To Read,” “How To Say ‘Merry Christmas’ In 20 Languages”, or “10 Ways To Survive The Holidays,” a thematic list infographic makes for entertaining and highly shareable visual content. Whether the tone you go for is humorous, solemn, or business-like, this kind of infographic is great for enticing people to read and share.

Accompany each point on the list with an icon or image for added visual appeal. Come up with a catchy and click-worthy title. Because this kind of infographic is not typically used to communicate complex or extensive data, you can get fun and creative with the infographic design.


Image: Visually Pinterest

5. The Holiday Fact Sheet Infographic

People love quirky and interesting facts. Fact sheet infographics are one of the most frequently shared types of infographics. They use titles like “12 Little Known Christmas Facts” and “10 Surprising Holiday Statistics,” making them eye-catching and entertaining. Who doesn’t like busting out fun facts at family dinners?

Embellish your infographic fact sheets with cute icons, holiday-themed memes and bright color schemes. The aim of these infographics is to create content that will give people good feelings that they will want to share with others.

Fact Sheet

Image: Visually Pinterest

6. The Holiday Nostalgia Infographic

The holidays evoke feelings of nostalgia and memories of the good old days. Use this time to plan an infographic with some interesting historical information targeting your audience or clients. If you’re a retailer, you may want to target your baby boomers audience by taking a look back at how your products have evolved over the decades. If you’re a tech company targeting millennials, take them back to the 90s in your infographic. For added effect, use aesthetics from the time period you’re capturing. This will connect with viewers on a level of subconscious memory.

Nostalgia infographics will elicit a strong emotional reaction from your audience, capturing their attention and forming a positive association with your business.


Image: 8 Bit Nerds Pinterest

7. The Holiday Trend Infographic

During this shopping-crazed time of year, a well-informed holiday trend infographic can provide valuable insights into consumer trends with data collected through surveys, social media, and campaigns. These infographics should be clutter-free and easy to read, as they pack a bunch of information onto one page. With statistics including demographic percentages, sales revenues, buying methods, and other valuable information, trend infographics work as a handy reference for business owners and buyers alike.

In the spirit of giving, holiday trend infographics offer transparent information for other businesses to consider when planning their holiday content marketing strategies.


Image: Communispace

With these holiday infographic ideas, your holiday marketing strategy can offer greater value to your customers. ‘Tis the season for infographics!

Do you have any other holiday infographic ideas that can improve your marketing campigns? Share them below!

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