A Little-Known Secret to Getting More Done

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There’s a little-known secret to getting more done. It doesn’t cost a dime and it doesn’t require a new productivity system. You don’t have to do seven steps or buy a fancy gadget. It works almost immediately, and can literally skyrocket your ability to get more done. 

Before the secret is revealed, here’s a little homework assignment: spend the next few hours listening to what people say. I mean really listening. Like amateur poker players, we tell the cards we’re holding by our conversation and body language.

See if you hear some of the following phrases: “I am so stressed out!” “I don’t have time to do ________.” “There is no way I can get that done.” “I can’t add one more thing.”

Now the point in getting more done is not to fill your schedule with so many to-do’s that you don’t have a personal life. In fact, this secret can be used to improve your marriage, your family life AND your business.

What is this little-known secret, you ask?

Here it is:  your ability to think you can.

Before you dismiss this secret as “positive thinking” fluff, take a quick inventory of your own conversation and thoughts.

Are the majority of your thoughts like these? “I’ve got this!” or “I’m so grateful for this opportunity!” or “I’ll get this done!”

We pretty much do what we think we can do.

If there’s something we really want to do and we’re looking forward to it, we find a way to fit it in.

And when there’s something that looks scary or overwhelming we give ourselves permission to check out with the excuse that we can’t get it done.

“I don’t have time for Twitter.” “There’s no way I can send out a weekly newsletter.” “I know I need to write blog posts but I just never get around to it.”

The people who are doing those things simply think that they can and proceed to do so.

If your first response is to jump in with excuses about your life and your circumstances, that’s a red flag about your thinking.

What’s the quickest way to change your thinking? Start by changing your words. 

Catch yourself when you are tempted to say things like “I can’t” and “I don’t have time.” Immediately flip the switch to “I can” and “I’ll get it done!”

It is amazing how a can-do attitude will increase your productivity. Instead of making excuses and discouraging yourself with put-down thoughts, you can be happier and more efficient just by thinking “I can.

You can start using this little-known secret for getting more done right now. Observe yourself and others around you. Notice how often you hear “I can’t” and “I don’t have time.” Then make a choice to change your words and thoughts—and see how much more you get done!

Charlotte SiemsCharlotte Siems is a happy wife, mom, Master T-Tapp Trainer, speaker and author.  Her story of losing over 100 pounds with T-Tapp has encouraged thousands of people all over the world.  She specializes in making home management and fitness “doable” for real people.  She is the homeschooling mother of twelve children and she built an online business in her spare time. Charlotte writes about family life and T-Tapp at www.CharlotteSiems.com


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11 years ago

Great point Charlotte. That’s the thing isn’t it. We spend so much time talking about the technology, techniques and tricks to getting things done but often forget to start at the very beginning … and get the right mindset about thinking that it can get done. Or at least, think that we can get all the right things done.

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